New Life: A Poem

The following is a poem by Anne Schell, requiescat in pace, submitted by her friend Margaret Maines, who wrote to me:
The family found this poem and passed it on to me for a keepsake, and I would like to extend their kindness by having their Mother’s poem published for others to read.  It is a “simple but meaningful” poem and at the same time heartfelt coming from a Mother prior to her death; a mother who continuously carried joy and a loving smile through many hardships and suffering.
I am wondering if I could submit the poem in the deceased’s name, as her friend in memory of her.
So here are the words of Mrs. Anne Schell, in memoriam. Perhaps its theological precision could be fine-tuned – ‘all will be baptized’ may well not be in the designs of providence – but the sentiment that all should be baptized, and that all have the opportunity to accept the grace of Christ, and the victory of the same Lord and Saviour over death and hell, holds true.
New Life
Living waters, flaming tongues
God’s Holy Spirit is for everyone
Rich, poor, young and old
New life begins as you shed the old
With gifts of salvation, wisdom and love
A heavenly language from above
All will be Baptized, the Victory won
Over Satan and sin by God’s great son!