Nancy Pelosi Denied Holy Communion

Archbishop Salvatore Cordelione has stepped up to fulfill his office, and living up to his name, which he shares with King Richard I, Lionheart, banning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion. He invokes canon 915, that those guilty of persistent and manifest grave sin are not in communion with the Church, and, hence, should be refused the Blessed Sacrament. This was clarified specifically for politicians who publicly support abortion by the Vatican back in July of 2009:

I must now eat my own words about the archbishop back in September, but we should not revel in schadenfreude. He was patient with Ms. Pelosi – one might argue too much so, and she has wreaked much havoc. But the reader may recall that such penalties are medicinal, applied for the good of the errant soul, to lead her back to repentance, and the path of goodness. Advocating for the murder of the unborn is not a path to heaven.

We will see what comes of this – the beginning of the persecution, as hell hath no fury and all that – but we trust in Christ, and the gates of that same hell shall not prevail.

Keep up the good fight of the Faith and for the unborn, your Grace. And may the grace of the same God be with you and us all, and flood the soul of Nancy Pelosi. God wants her in heaven, and may she respond to this opportunity, and invitation to repent, to receive the joy and peace that the world cannot give, nor take away.

May the same be done, and said, for Trudeau, Biden and the rest. Archbishop Lépine and Cardinal Wilton, now is the propitious time! Follow thy courageous brother!

As we pray our Rosary today, it would be good to meditate upon that prayer from Our Lady of Fatima, Lead all souls to heaven, especially those most in need of Thy mercy! +