The Mystery of the Massacre in Moscow

What we seem to know of what happened in Moscow, is that four gunmen stormed a sold-out concert, killed at least 137 people – many more, up to 200, were injured, some critically. But mystery abounds, as is so often the case in our house-of-mirrors world. Contrary to how these things usually go – the murderers often either self-detonate or escape into the various rabbit-warren enclaves whence they came. These perps were somehow captured, a couple of hours from the venue. Wherever they were headed, and whether these are the actual perps, or patsies, or actual jihadists, they are now in Russian custody, which is not a place you want to be, especially after killing a cohort of Russians. There are reports they’re being tortured, perhaps for information, perhaps in retribution, or a bit of both.

Whatever the motives and the malefactors, we pray, as we always do, for the victims, and for the perpetrators. May peace and justice somehow reign in the chaos into which our world is descending.