More on the Bomb

I have received some feedback on my article on the atomic bombings, both positive and negative.  The ‘comments’ section below the article in Crisis signifies a deep, moral division, even amongst conservative and otherwise sane Catholics.  If we permit intrinsic evil, the whole moral edifice unravels, something Pope John Paul strove to make clear in Veritatis Splendor.  Alas.

The truth must be reiterated, and two articles on the same theme, with different and very helpful vantage points, were forwarded to me, by Christopher Check at Catholic Answers, and by David Mills at The Human Life Review.  The philosopher Elizabeth Anscombe also wrote on this topic in 1956, arguing, rightly, that the bombings were tantamount to the mass murder of innocents, and that Harry Truman was undeserving of the honorary doctorate her alma mater, Oxford, planned to give him.  She was unsuccessful in opposing the doctorate, but more than clear in her argument.  Happy reading.

As always, feedback and comments are welcome.