M.D. – Doctores Mortis, Which is to Say, Doctors of Death

The ‘most rewarding work she has ever done‘.

So Dr. Ellen Wiebe describes her practice – such as it is – as a specialist in what is euphemistically called MAiD, or medical assistance in dying, where physicians such as Weibe help you die or, to cut to the chase, kill you. It’s termed euthanasia, even if it’s anything but a ‘good death’.

Alexander Raikin has written a fascinating, if deeply disturbing, article on the free-for-all state of this macabre practice in Canada. We’ve reached the point wherein anyone can be put to death, for any reason, whatsoever, which is where abortion has been for three decades now.

For comparison, as Raikin quotes:

One of the greatest reasons for concern is the sheer scale of Canada’s euthanasia regime. California provides a useful point of comparison: It legalized medically assisted death the same year as Canada, 2016, and it has about the same population, just under forty million. In 2021 in California, 486 people died using the state’s assisted suicide program. In Canada in the same year, 10,064 people used MAID to die.

That number, which may well be an underestimate, is going to get a lot higher. Trudeau promised ‘safeguards’, but, in practice, there are none, and death is soon to be offered to the mentally ill, minors and even infants. And how does one contain and limit an evil so profound, once it’s let out of the bottle? We should remember that the horrors of the Nazis began with ‘compassionate’ euthanasia, which did not remain so for long.

In his encyclical Evangelium Vitae, Pope John Paul II advocates that we should calls things what they are. So-called MAiD is, quite simply, murder in the first degree, with aforethought; we may add to that suicide, although, as Raikin evinces, the victims may not often be fully compos mentis (which makes the perpetrators more guilty). Most of them cite being a ‘burden’ on their family and caregivers, poverty, and lack of adequate care as a significant factors in their decision to have themselves offed.

‘Physicians’ – and we use that term advisedly – such as Ellen Wiebe and Stefanie Green have betrayed their Hippocratic oath – if they even took it – and their body count is now in the hundreds. They can’t be considered healers, and the easy choice of death they offer is vitiating the medical system from the inside out. We must pray that people wake up, before it’s too late.