Loving Your Home

Sometime contributor to these pages, Rebecca Jacobson – and her own Mum – have a delightful and quite lovely blog, lovingyourhome, which is well worth checking out: reflections, remedies, wisdom and good advice for around the house – and the crisp, lovely photos add to the ambiance. In the most recent post, you can learn how to make a candle in a jar in two easy sentences – which may come in quite handy soon. I just concluded a recent reflection of my own musing that life should become more ‘local’, in the best sense of that word – kith, kin, friends and folk, church and family, and the beauty and fruitfulness of the land, or at least of one’s garden. As more than one wise person has said, one of the great benefits of a pilgrimage, or any sort of travel, is to help us realize anew how much we love where we left. There really is no place like home – at the very least, it’s where they have to take you in.