In Praise of Creation

We are late getting to this, in part since I did not fully realize it until now, but today, in the midst of all else that is transpiring, is the world day of prayer for the care of creation, instituted by Pope Francis in 2015, to coincide with the promulgation of his encyclical Laudato Si. Yes, I know, this can all be misconstrued, and who knows what whose intentions are, but there is a proper sense of Catholic ecology, a la Saint Francis, and many other saints – indeed, all saints in some way – who rejoiced in the beauty, order and harmony of God’s world. And He saw that is was good.

As the Catechism states, the entire cosmos was created for Man, and for the glory of God, and so that we could glorify God through the proper use of creation.

So rejoice in our beautiful world in some way, even in the midst of our anxieties – there is nothing like nature to soothe them, even temporarily. The vastness of the sky, of the universe, should prompt us to realize how small we are, how short a span of time we are here, and the true, eternal glory to which we are all called, if we but say yes to His will, in which is our peace.

Here is Il Poverello’s Canticle of Praise to the Sun: