In Defence of Unwanted Innocence

I am for peace, but when I speak they are for war — Psalm 120

Abortion is a loaded issue on the lips of everyone these days. Once, when I was very young, I  supported someone in the process. My heart broke for her when she asked the lifelong Catholic for a ride to the appointment. The helper in me couldn’t say no. That urge got me in a lot of trouble back then. What is a friend if not an associate in trying times, I thought foolishly. I’ve since learned my lesson. I wrote this piece as penance for my part. May God have mercy on our souls.

Embryology is biology.

Life begins at conception.

The womb is our first tabernacle.

The Holy Spirit knitted me within before I exited it.

My mother’s faith spared my life. Her fear and love of God was a more formidable force than the circumstances surrounding my fertilization. I owe my existence to it. So many others could say the same, but they stay silent for fear of rocking the secular ship they row on. My lips once mumbled my opinions from a similar vein. Too scared to speak up for babies being denied the gift of life. Until a political debate sparked a voice inside me. Isn’t it only fair for those in support of abortion to be denied the body of Christ?

One cannot be in communion with God while advocating ending a child’s life. That’s an oxymoron like the deafening silence from so many on this matter. These are children we’re talking about. Everyone over eighteen can relate. We all start there. Anything in utero is already of this earth. That’s not easy to hear but it’s the truth. Abortion isn’t an economic equalizer, it’s an abomination against God. That’s also hard to hear, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

Denial of communion isn’t a punishment.

It’s a grace given to those eating condemnation upon themselves.

I only wish the Bishops would have acted sooner so those out of alignment with their souls might see the light. I’ve been upset since the onset of adolescence at all the adults around me who feared persecution more than they feared upsetting God. Blasphemous encounters from polite society only taught me to be louder. Something went wrong along the lines of how they approach the Holy Eucharist. Prohibiting further sin is a blessing for them. Defying God cannot, in good conscience, be rewarded with eternal life. It’s medicine for the sick, not medicine for the dead.

Follow the science.

Isn’t that what they said?