Hope in the Bubble Zone


Well, alas, as expected, Ontario passed the ‘bubble-zone’ law yesterday, as our once-noble Dominion creeps, or careens as the case may be, ever-closer to thanatophilic totalitarianism. Also, as expected, the vote was rather much the same as the second reading a few days ago, with only one MPP voting against, Jack MacLaren of the Trillium party.  And, again, the sad little troop of conservative MPP’s, Oosterhoff, McNaughton and others, upon whom pro-lifers pinned such hopes, absenting themselves.  One may presume they were told to do so by their benighted leader, Patrick Brown, once pro-life, now, in an expedient Al Gore-esque turn around, curiously pro-abortion. And so evil marches on, in large part because the good, at least those who profess goodness, do so little. Perhaps they are waiting for the ‘right moment’ to act, boldly, courageously…. But, with decades now of abortion, of weak ‘conservative’ governments with almost no life-and-family victories, the Liberal train just keeps rollin’ along, as Johnny Cash might sing, as we are locked within the fulsome prison of our pusillanimity, if not outright complaisance. Sad.

As the late great Father Leonard Kennedy, and God rest his intelligent and cheerful soul, used to quip, I’ve lost all hope…natural hope, that is, not supernatural.

All our hope ultimately should really be on God, Who can bring success out of even the most hope-less situations, into which category Canada seems to be falling with each passing defeat. Perhaps that is the message to draw from this: To step up our spiritual game, the Mass, the sacraments, personal virtue and holiness, reparation, prayer, holy hours, striving to lead ourselves and those around us to that state of holiness to which God calls us.  Only then will victory be ours, even if it does not seem so this side of eternity.