Good News for Our Lady Seat of Wisdom

From Dr. Keith Cassidy, President of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom:

We are pleased to announce that the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development has agreed to allow Our Lady Seat of Wisdom to offer the degree of Bachelor of Catholic Studies. This consent is subject to certain conditions and is for an initial period of six years. From our viewpoint the most significant of these conditions is that over the next few years we undertake to develop pathways for our graduates to complete a four-year honours baccalaureate either at OLSW or at other institutions. We are eager to move ahead with this. The Minister’s consent does not become official until we have replied signifying our acceptance of and compliance with the various conditions, including certain financial guarantees, but we are confident that we will be able to do so fairly quickly.


With this announcement OLSW moves to a whole new level, with official recognition of our program as offering university-level courses. It will open many new pathways for our graduates, and in the weeks ahead we will be exploring these options and entering into written agreements with other institutions.


We have much work to do, but first we offer our most deep and sincere thanks to the faculty, staff and Board members, and our faithful supporters whose work, financial support and prayers have made this day possible. Most especially we thank Our Lord, Jesus Christ and His Most Blessed Mother, Seat of Wisdom.