Final Summary on You-Know-What

(What follows is an adapted version of a summary I wrote for a friend of my thoughts at present on these protocols being put in place, which might help some, even we disagree. Rational and free discourse and debate is requisite for human beings, whatever we end up doing, so that we end up doing the right thing, as best we see it).

  1. I am not ‘against masks’, nor of any protocols that are prudent and well considered; they may be of use in certain circumstances – hospital settings in particular.
  2. That said, the evidence strongly suggests that the masks in general, outside such environments – and especially those masks people normally wear – have shown not to be effective in stopping the spread of infectious disease. The masks are almost completely porous to the virus – even tightly-woven surgical masks have a 40 micron weave, and the virus is 0.1 microns, which leaves gaps 400 times larger than the virus. Added to this, masks themselves get infected, become sources of infection, and there are any number of other vectors by which the virus may be transmitted; hence, masks seem to be giving people a false sense of security. The more honest amongst the proponents of masking confess that the masks are more to remind us to ‘social distance’, which is another whole question.
  3. As a point of clarification for those who claim we must obey human authority, prescinding from the mask question: While it is true that all authority comes from God, it is most definitely not true that we are therefore bound to obey every decree from human authority as though it were from God, especially if they prove to be unreasonable or even morally bankrupt. In this case, the duty to obey diminishes. We may be forced to obey certain ‘protocols’, but if and when it comes to those matters of divine Faith, ‘We must obey God rather than men’, said Saint Peter. After all, Hitler had legitimate authority, but used it rather badly. To question certain laws (or, in this case, protocols) from human leaders is not to defy God.
  4. Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam are not trustworthy authorities, both support universal abortion and euthanasia, have been caught out in any number of lies, and do not in general have our best interests at heart, whatever their own level of culpability, known only to God. Dr. Tam has advocated Canadians have ‘masked sex’. Are we supposed to trust and obey her as though she were the very vox Dei? I must confess that I find it odd and disconcerting that these measures, meant to protect the ‘elderly and sick’ – and who is not for protecting the vulnerable? – are put in place by a government whose medical personnel in the past couple of years have killed many thousands of them by euthanasia – and killing is killing, whether people ‘desire’ it or not; it won’t remain all that voluntary for much longer. We should recall that the German National Socialists began their own regime of death by a subtle and insidious euthanasia program, that they eventually extended. I’m not saying we will become Nazis – history never exactly repeats itself – but it’s difficult to turn back from a dark road once we unhinge from the moral law at so basic a level
  5. Whatever protocols are put in place, we should be vigilant in balancing these with safeguarding our rights as free citizens. In the state of Victoria, Australia, one is only allowed out for one hour per day, for restricted reasons, must keep walking and cannot sit down (it’s illegal), cannot go further than 5 km from one’s home, and must wear a mask everywhere, inside and outside. All strictly enforced by a militarized police force. Do we want to head in this direction?
  6. A scant few months ago, they admitted masks were ineffective. Now they are mandated. How can that protocol possibly be based on science? As per above, the epidemiological studies indicate that masks do not reduce the risk of transmission in the general population.
  7. There are, however, on the other hand, already numerous indications that masks themselves – especially all-day,  long-term use – pose health risks. There are conflicting reports on this, but we must take into account the deleterious psychological effects of wearing a mask all day, every day.
  8. On that note, young people – that is, those not in extreme old age – are at almost zero risk from this virus, and most of the rest of the population is not far from zero risk. To mandate children to wear masks through the entire school day long is physiologically, psychologically and spiritually unsound, and deleterious to their long-term health on a number of levels. There is a strong case for seeking ‘herd immunity’, as has happened with every other pandemic, and the views of a top epidemiologist such as Sunetra Gupta should at least be considered.
  9. And, at the end of the day, we should always remind ourselves that our duty as Catholics – even as humans – is not primarily the health of the body, but of the soul. Pope John Paul, in Evangelium Vitae, states that this transient life is but a ‘penultimate’ good, with the ‘ultimate’ good being eternal life. Hence, we – and especially the Church – should have as our main focus our spiritual health, before our bodily.
  10. We cannot reduce risk in life to zero. That is impossible, and even to try would undo life itself. And we are not bound to act in such a way that we might in some vague way ‘save one life’, or ‘prevent one death’. If that were the case, we shouldn’t drive cars, or, at least, only drive them at very low speeds. And we should all stay home during regular flu season (keeping in mind the flu kills, has killed, and will continue to kill far, far more people than this current virus). Bodily health is of course a very great good, and we should take due precaution for the vulnerable. But what does ‘due’ mean here? To go beyond the masks, the world-wide, never-ending lockdown – amounting to house arrest in many regions – with no end in sight, is to stop life and living. Where, we may ask, is this is headed, and what is the end game? (See Australia, above). The Church must beware a latent Erastianism, subjecting the Church to the State, and meekly submitting to every secular decree, regardless of its liturgical – or, more to the point, spiritual – consequences. See the recent article by Bishop Poprocki, (in reference to the continuing state-imposed lockdowns), wherein he poses the question: What are the spiritual ends? The spiritual end is eternal life, and so everything else is subordinated to that.
  11. Although many have the ‘good of the body’ in mind in their wearing of the mask, there also seems to be a quasi-spiritual dimension to all this, at least amongst some, diffusing imperceptibly into the minds and souls of others: A subtle version of the ‘cult of the body’ of which the Catechism speaks, manifested in this particular case as a sort of religious devotion to the mask, as a sign of belonging to the ‘group’, as well as proper submission to our magisterial medical overlords, before whom even the most prominent politicians now prostrate themselves, and force us to do likewise – or is there more to this, and a longer and more insidious game-plan than meets the eye?
  12. On a final theological and spiritual note, which should be a large part of our discernment as Catholics, we should recall that God has sent plagues and pestilences and other ills any number of times in the past, as just punishment for our sins, and we as a nation and a people are mired in sin. We have allowed abortion, and now euthanasia, to run rampant, along with any number of sexual deviancies, instantiated into the very fabric of our law and culture. What did we really expect might happen? To perpetually ‘hide’ from this punishment forever is not possible, and to try, and make everyone else do so, seems to be thwarting the very unfolding of His providence. We as Catholics are meant, at some point to face death, as peacefully and as calmly as we might, trusting in His mercy. Again, we should still take due measures to protect people, but I find it odd and disconcerting that our government is touting the ‘protection of the sick and elderly’ – all who does not want to do this? – yet their own medical personnel have murdered untold thousands by euthanasia. Might we not ponder that God may be taking His own to Himself, before Trudeau and his agents of death get their hands on them? Should we not be cautious of Man’s hubris against God, as evinced in the arrogance of Andrew Cuomo and others, who think they can ‘beat Covid’ by human efforts alone? If we do not repent, there may be something far worse than ‘Covid’ on the horizon…