Farrow’s Open Letter and Solzhenitsyn’s Exhortation

For an excellent summary of where things stand in Canada and elsewhere across the world, as ‘vaxx-passes’ make their inauspicious advent, limiting or forbidding access to schools, employment and social venues, see this open letter from the doughty Douglas Farrow. We are entering into uncharted totalitarian waters in this fair Dominion, in which, as Dr. Farrow warns, lies grave peril, both for the people and for those who govern them.

As well, it would be beneficial for readers to peruse Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 1974 essay – indeed, a stirring and to-the-point exhortation – to Live not by Lies, which reads as pertinent today – even more so – than nearly 50 years ago. Whatever one’s views, we should – and should be free to – live by the truth as best we can see it, (within some limits, of course). I will leave you for now with the final words from his brief few pages, which may change how you live. Odd, that he speaks of thoughts read and genes restructured, back in the 70’s, not that much longer after the notion of ‘DNA’ entered the public consciousness:

If we are too frightened, then we should stop complaining that we are being suffocated. We are doing this to ourselves. If we bow down even further and wait longer, our brothers the biologists may then help to bring nearer the day when our thoughts can be read and our genes restructured. If we are too frightened to do anything, then we are hopeless  and worthless people and the lines of Pushkin fit us well:

What use to the herds the gifts of freedom?
The scourge, and a yoke with tinkling bells
— this is their heritage, bequeathed to every generation