Dr. Robert Malone’s Magnanimity


Saint Thomas distinguishes between the formal and the material objects of faith: The material being what we believe, the formal why we believe it, the authority in whom we place our trust.

Dr. Robert Malone, one of the primary inventors of the mRNA vaccine technology, comes across as someone you can trust: No self-interest, nothing to gain, motivated by a sense of altruism (and, I would add, magnanimity). As a grandfather, he especially cares that children not be subjected to unnecessary vaccines. He is not ‘anti-vaxx’ (having taken the jab himself), but is nuanced in how the technology he helped to develop should be applied; and he is adamantly against universal mandates. Of course, he has been vilified, censored, with egregious lies spread about him, which he takes in stride.

One might contrast him with Anthony Fauci, who has much to gain from these vaccines, monetarily and otherwise, and who is clearly in a conflict of interest, if not worse, already caught in obfuscation and deceit.

Make up your own mind whom you trust more. If you can spare the time – and I recommend it, for it is a learning experience, if nothing else – here is Dr. Malone’s interview with Joe Rogan. Listen to the last bit, which is heartwarming, and offers hope, so lacking in this world gone mad. God uses whom He might to get the truth across.


See also: https://brownstone.org/articles/the-defenestration-of-dr-robert-malone/