De-Fund the CBC

The CBC has got to go, a billion dollar state-funded propaganda machine, with the worst of it what is has done and is doing to children. Canadian Broadcast Corporation? More like Children’s Brainwashing Cult.

Exhibit A: “Are You a Boy or a Girl”?

Well, the answer, like wave-particle duality, is apparently both, and neither, As the ‘little girl’ says, ‘the way your body looks on the outside is only part of who you are‘.

Exhibit B: Being Your ‘Authentic Self’. ‘Some days I’m a boy, other days I’m a girl – my gender does not define who I AM‘. The capitals are in the original, odd that they are the same as the name God reveals of Himself to Moses in Exodus 3.

The reader may peruse any number of other examples.

This all sounds sweet and cuddly and affirming, delivered in soft-pitched pre-pubescent voices (did they have real children recite these lines, or adults faking it? I’m not sure which is creepier). Sweet and cuddly, that is, until you get to the debilitating drugs, mutilating surgery, psychological trauma and spiritual harm and all the rest of it. It is, not to put too fine a spin on it, demonic. Peel off the cartoon veneer and you’d find a grinning fork-tongued death-head. That such lies were foisted upon, and the truth withheld from, these children, will be mightily heavy millstones. Woe to those by whom scandals come…especially to Christ’s little ones.