Day of Remembrance of the Wolyn Massacre

Contributor Dr. Andrzej Caruk reminds us that today we recall the 81-st Anniversary of the National Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Genocide of the Citizens of the Polish Republic. As he put it:
We commemorate this day not to seek vengence, but so history will not repeat itself – when on July 11-th,1943, Ukrainian Nationalists commenced the largest extermination of Poles in Wolyn, Eastern Poland (known as “Wolyn Bloody Sunday”), with 2,580 killed on that day alone in 99 settlements, and the total massacred during WWII being 120,000 Poles and 30,000 Ukrainians opposed to the ethnic cleansing.
His reflection – which, fair warning, contains some graphic stories and images may found at this link:
We pray for the victims, for the perpetrators, for peace and for reconciliation, for what has been done in the past, and the ongoing conflicts throughout our troubled world.