Contact Your Member of Parliament! Vote on Monday to Abolish the Mandates

Please see the message below, which we are forwarding, to contact your MP right away:

Hey ya’ll. This is urgent and our chance to end mandates at federal level. Please disseminate to all your contacts/groups/truck leads etc.

The conservatives in the parliament have put forward a motion to abolish mandates! There will be a vote monday to carry it forward or not. We urgently need to write to our MP so that they vote for the cancellation. You can find who your MP is here by postal code:

Sample letter what to write to MP

I am a resident of <town, province>. It has come to my attention that a motion has been put forward in the house of commons to end COVID-19 mandates and restrictions, which will be voted on by Members of Parliament. As your constituent, I’m asking that you vote for ending all mandates and vaccination passports immediately. It is time to follow medical science instead of political science and do the right thing for Canadians.


Ask all members if your family, friends to write a separate letter and email. We are pressed for time. Otherwise they are planning to “send” everyone home brutally. The US has now offered Trudeau back up to ensure the protests get put “under control” and the last thing we need is their military intervention on any level. Even if it’s only at the borders.