Can Science Ever Recover?

In the words of Dr. John Campbell, ‘unbelievable‘ – and so it is: A conspiracy of ‘top’ scientists covering up the truth of the lab origins or Covid, after calling those who suspected such loony conspiracists.

As one commentator put it:

John Campbell has come a long way from telling us all to “pop down to your local surgery and get vaccinated”…to saying it has “all been an international conspiricy (sic) between the worlds (sic) top scientists.

At least the physician admits he was wrong, a tough thing to do. He has followed the evidence where it inevitably led, as is requisite in any science. This testimony seems irrefutable. Justice must be done, and seen to be done.

As the doctor wonders, will trust in science ever recover? Note the testimony in the clip below, with virologist Dr. Robert Redfield – head of the CDC! – left out of those February, 2020 meetings that set the ‘agenda’ for the response to Covid since he did not go along with their ‘narrative’. As he laments, science can only proceed by questioning and debate, examining all sides of an issue, not by top-down consensus, and Fauci’s hubristic ‘I am science’. The question becomes, was this all deliberate, and, if so, why? And as Dr. Redfield also wonders, who will ever trust ‘science’ again?

Speaking of which – or whom – here is the same Fauci, in face of all the evidence of its continued harm and inefficacy, exhorting everyone to get the mRNA jab at least ‘once a year’.

Trust the true evidence, along with your God-given intuition, what Saint Thomas calls the ‘connatural’ sense. If it seems false, wrong, or even evil and malign, it probably is.