Boy Scouts, Volcanoes and Mother of God School

A bygone era...

A blessed Sixth Sunday of Easter, as we journey with Christ and His Apostles towards Pentecost…Veni Creator Spiritus!

It had to happen, I suppose: The Boy Scouts are now the No Scouts, at least, no preconceived (and I mean that quite literally) gendered Scouts, a once all-boy organization run by all-men which stood for over a century, now neutered beyond recognition by legal fiat, like most other of our institutions.  As they see it, there are no sexes, just amorphous genders of one sort or another, fluid and flowing, whimsical and effervescent. Mark Steyn has a fine take on the role of the Supreme Court in America in this eunuchization of a fine cultural institution.

Funny, that the Girl Guides will still exist, who will not become just the ‘Guides’, and will not take in ‘boys’, that is, those who have an XY chromosome, or look as though they do, and insofar as one can still use the term ‘boy’ anymore, as it seems a boy is just a girl who does not seem to realize it yet. But a girl does indeed seem to be a girl.

For, as Steyn points out, this ideological battle is not binary, but is really is about gutting masculinity and maleness, anything ‘patriarchal’. If I may wax theological as the Sun rises on this morning, it is an indirect assault on the Fatherhood of God, and the Sonship of Christ; they are already removing the term ‘father’ and ‘husband’, and the next step is to eradicate the all-male priesthood, that last bastion of ‘patriarchy’, and we better be prepared to stand fast. But some bastions may not hold: It was related to me that a certain priest in a certain parish recently apologized to his congregation for having to use male pronouns of God. Alas.

As Cardinal Ratzinger said in his Report, the faith may well be lost in many parts of the world, but strong and vital pockets will remain, where the same faith will shine like ‘sparks amongst the stubble’. For we can live without Boy Scouts, but we cannot live without priests.

Hawaii looks as though it’s about to blow at high Do, if I am spelling that correctly, with the ‘do’ rhyming with ‘dough’.  I presume the Tragically Hip were referring to the musical notation, an apt analogy, signifying a countdown of sorts, from low do to high do. And speaking of high, the islands that comprise Hawaii are some of the highest in the world; what makes them seem small-ish is that their base is thousands of metres below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. They are also mean and active volcanoes, whose eruptions volcanologists, like meteorologists with the weather, can predict with an accuracy not much above statistical significance.  Mostly, it’s just guesswork, like when the mega-caldera beneath Yellowstone is going to go off, with a destructive force unknown to modern history. Volcanoes blow then they blow, at high Do or low So. And God might indeed be saying to America and the rest of us, I told you, so…

Mary Mother of God School in Toronto celebrated its 25th anniversary Gala dinner on Saturday evening, a milestone for the private school, all funded and staffed by individual persons independent e of governmental and statist control, a stance that now really is counter-cultural. Hence, no sex-ed, no LGBT clubs, no biased and skewed and ignorance-inducing curricula; just God’s good, clear truth, with a panoply of solid courses, all taught through the intercession of His Mother by a raft of excellent and faithful teachers. The amount of work to raise funds is incredible, but everyone pitched in, and became more virtuous in the process, as we donated voluntarily. Unlike the lavishly funded public school system, which seems to get proportionately worse the more of our involuntarily-usurped money is poured into its gaping maw.

So congratulations to all the staff, students, benefactors and supporters of Mary, Mother of God! Here’s to another quarter century, and another generation of students well and truly taught!