Authority, Truth and Acronyms

Theresa May has resigned, after her tragic failure in managing Brexit – or her success in mismanaging the whole debacle. The problems go far deeper than Ms. May’s own political deficiencies, to that metaphysical malaise rotting the core of Britain’s soul. As we alluded in reference to yesterday’s Saint Augustine of Canterbury, England no longer knows who is she is, nor why she exists – and the same goes for the rest of Europe. Without the Faith – to paraphrase Belloc and Pope John Paul and a panoply of others – what is there holding it all together? It’s not enough to want ‘out of the European Union’, for there must be somewhere to ‘go’ after that. And, prescinding from all the complexities, at the core, Saint Peter’s rhetorical question provides the only real answer.

As part of that not knowing who one is, ‘Gender Identity Disorder’ has been removed as a mental illness by the WHO. Who is that, you might ask? The World Health Organization, which has arrogated to itself the authority to change the fundamental fact that ‘God made them’ – that is, us – ’male and female’. And it certainly is a disorder to think – and act – otherwise. Thus, G.I.D. – thinking one is male when one is female, or vice versa – goes the way of homosexuality, or SSA, same-sex attraction – also treated as a disorder until the DSM (that, is, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the bible of psychiatrists) officially decreed it not so in its DSM III-R edition in 1987, under the editorship of Dr. Robert Spitzer of Columbia University, who more or less completed the revisions under his own authority.

So, to paraphrase the demon’s reply to the unauthorized exorcists in Acts 19, ‘Jesus I know, Paul I know’, but who is WHO, Spitzer, DSM, or Columbia?

As the Scots poet Rabbie Burns might have put it, had such bizarre and anachronistic thoughts as homosexuality and transgenderism been on his mind in that saner time – ‘a man’s a man, for a’ that’, and what is said of man, is said of woman.

And what God hath decreed, cannot be undone, for His word and His truth abide forever. To return to Saint Peter, only He has the words of everlasting life, and to deny His word and truth leads inevitably to tragedy in this life, and, if unrepented, an even worse fate in the next. And, we may as well end on an acronym, for if you think the E.U. is bad, what shall we say of Everlasting Unhappiness?