Anti-Catholicism, Hollywood, and ISIS

If you are interested in an unmasking of the deep anti-Catholic bias in Hollywood, feel free to peruse an article of mine this morning in Crisis, which uses last year’s Captain Fantastic as a paradigm of what the media elites really think about Christians, and Catholicism in particular.

Of course, the Hollywood view is inadvertently aligned with the anti-Catholicism embedded within Islam, at least in its historical origins, as I wrote yesterday, even though Islam and Hollywood could not be further apart in their own moral principles, something the media elites will discover soon enough.  For now, the media fawns over Islam, perhaps under the principle that the enemy of my enemy is my friend, until the friend turns out to be an enemy also, after the common enemy is neutralized, if you follow my logic.

In other words, should Islamic principles ever be universally instantiated in the ‘West’ (a not-all-that-unlikely, and perhaps quite likely, scenario, given current demographics and politics), we won’t see too many Hollywood movies of current ilk . In fact, we may not see any films at all, except of the most Sharia-compliant variety.

Speaking of anti-Catholicism, the one still-permitted bias and hate, ISIS has completely destroyed St. Mary’s Cathedral in the city of Marawi in the Phillipines.  View the video of the iconoclasm, if you will, as these (young) ‘militants’ smash and stomp on statues, rip up a photo of Pope Benedict, break windows, before setting fire to the building. This is much of  a piece with what Islam did to churches in its origins, and, well, we are witnessing things returning to the source whence they derived. Coming to a city near you, unless things change, and change quickly.  We must pray for peace, seek common ground, but also act prudently.

There is much ballyhoo over a billboard in Indianapolis, which outlines certain, shall we say, uncomfortable despicable deeds of Muhammad, whom Muslims revere as the ‘perfect man’. One should always be cautious of what is said of historical figures, for hyperbole runs rampant, but there is much evidence that Muhammad did indeed do things we would find abhorrent.  But Islam, with its voluntaristic view of morality, that whatever Allah commands is by definition ‘moral’, well, they don’t quite see things the same way we Christians do. Hence, the Muslims are ‘sad’ over this billboard, a sorrow which may turn quite quickly to anger. Of course, they want to know who is behind the (anonymous) advertisement, but the person or group prefers, prudently, to remain anonymous.  After watching the cathedral destruction, to say nothing of umpteen other ISIS videos, wouldn’t you?

And finally on this theme, a young Breitbart editor, Katie McHugh, was fired for tweeting that if there no Muslims in Britain, there would be no terrorism.  She is right, as evidence demonstrates in Poland, which permits almost no immigration from Islamic countries and has no terrorism, but that is politically incorrect and, as Alec Guinness said in Tunes of Glory, that’s not on m’boy.  Very few Muslims are terrorists, but the religion itself, in its theological and moral principles, as well as its historical roots, can find little argument against coercion and violence, and there are enough terrorists in the midst of Islam to make it, shall we say, problematical.  We should at the very least be very very careful in importing this religion into our midst, in the midst of which are enough enemies of all that hold dear, or should hold dear, to make deep discernment necessary.