An Open Letter to McMaster University on Mandates

Another professor, Dr. Philip Britz-McKibben, a tenured bioanalytical chemist, stands against the universally coerced ‘vaccine mandates’. (And may there be many more with his courage and clarity). His open letter is posted here with permission, and, as an expert on these matters from the scientific perspective, he knows whereof he speaks.

If nothing else, read over his six questions at the top of each paragraph – I, for one, would not mind seeing answers to any one of them.  We shouldn’t hold our breath on that, but we may hope, even against hope.

Re: McMaster’s Vaccination Policy – COVID-19 Requirements for Employees and Students: A Good Faith Letter in Defense of Research Ethics and Human Dignity:

Open Letter to McMaster University

I recently heard from a senior nurse – about to lose her own job, and all her own expertise and experience, for no jab – of nurses and other workers at her hospital crying in anger, fear and frustration, as they are forced to sign the ‘consent’ form, and receive this experimental inoculation, with other nurses forced to administer. Besides any other problems that may ensue, with deleterious effects from this jab piling up (Sweden has just suspended the Moderna version indefinitely) this is not the way to build a cohesive and healthy work environment. Neither is letting go a good portion of your health care staff, when they are already under-staffed.

There is going to be a reckoning on these coercive policies, and their deleterious consequences, someday, perhaps sooner than we think. For now, keep up the good and spiritual fight, trust in God, and pray.