A New Papal Nuncio for Canada

Canada has a new papal nuncio, Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič, a 68 year old prelate from Slovenia, trained in the diplomatic services of the Vatican from the beginning of his priesthood. Most recently, as the CNA article states: In 2016, Pope Francis appointed him to the permanent observer role in Geneva, where he spoke on behalf of the Holy See on a welter of issues, including Islamophobia, COVID-19 vaccines, and coronavirus lockdowns. Hmm. I’d like to look those speeches up, but we know the Pope’s position on these issues. Here’s hoping the new nuncio brings an open mind and perspective to his Canadian mission. As a European polyglot, he is fluent in Slovenian, Italian, English, Spanish, German, Russian and, of course, French – so he should be right at home. We will pray for the Archbishop, and, through the intercession of Our Lady, Saint Joseph and the Canadian Martyrs, may he be given light, grace and strength to fulfill to his task of helping guide the Church, here in the true, north, strong and, we may hope one day again, free – not least the freedom to worship.