A Mostly Un-masked Messiah

Jordan Peterson recently lamented that at his church the other day, 70% of the attendees (mostly elderly) were masked, and that a ‘mask formation’ psychosis has set in, a perpetual fear of germs floating in the air. One even sees drivers, alone in their vehicles, masked, their eyes fixed ahead, as though looking for clearer horizons. Readers may recall our comment on a performance of the Messiah back at the beginning of December, in Kingston, Ontario, which required each and every person, performers and all, to be fully masked – and it promised to be rigorously enforced.

Yet, there are signs of hope: I attended a different Messiah performance at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa last week – of course, foregoing the Kingston debacle – wherein masks were ‘recommended’. I was heartened to see that only about 5-7% or so of the packed audience wore face coverings, from the useless blue rags loosely fitting around the face, to the coffee-filter n-95’s. A few of the musicians were also masked, but a minority, and none of the soloists. Most had their faces free to enjoy the performance, and each other’s own visage, as befits humans.

This signifies to me that people only obeyed these diktats out of duress, and the few who still go along have been Stockholm-syndromed. The masked should be aware that if they’re going to go that route, and believe what they believe, they can never take the mask off, for to breathe in some of the fetid air around them would undo everything. They have to live sort of like John Travolta in the Boy in the Plastic Bubble, which dramatized the true and tragic story of David Vetter. But we’re not him, and don’t have SCID. For healthy people, to live so is drastically unhealthy. As one physician said to a friend of mine way back at the beginning of all of this, ‘everyone’s going to get it’.

You know the jig is up when even Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s ‘chief medical officer’, admits that masks maybe did more harm than good, for children at least, leading to ‘immunity debt’, which is why we’re seeing an upsurge in viral infections. Finally, some real science amongst the experts. Hear, hear, Moore! Ad veritatem!

If only we could now reverse engineer the process: Mandatory masking was propaedeutic to mandatory vaccination. And if many are now seeing that masks don’t work, well, maybe they’ll also see that the other enforced policies, including the jabs, are detrimental to public health, to put it mildly. We can hope to see ourselves through this, somehow, someway.

For now, enjoy these last days of Advent, a season of hope, as we prepare our hearts, hearths and homes for the birth of our Saviour. +