A Few Thoughts

Peruse a courageous essay just published in First Things, by an self-confessed homosexual, who struggles to maintain his chastity, and why men like him should not be ordained priests. The author claims, as have many others quite plausibly, that the current crisis in the Church has been caused by ordaining men of deep-seated homosexual, not just tendencies, but overt behaviour. We are truly at a turning point, and now deep-seated reform is needed more than ever.

 And, yet again, we have another, albeit muted, apologia for the dropping of the ‘bomb’ on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (the anniversaries of which (if such is the term) was on August 6th and 9th respectively) this time in the Catholic Herald of all places. When will even conservative Catholics learn that deliberately killing innocent people is an intrinsic evil? This tragedy did not ‘avert total war’; it was an act of total war, and one of the most evil and destructive such act in the history of mankind, regardless of its ‘good consequences’, as I argued a year ago. Such is ‘consequentialism’ of the most distorted kind, condemned in Veritatis Splendor (ignorance of which the usually very good same magazine laments in another article).

Read over my Night in Paris if you like; it is more a description of a harrowing evening than anything else, but with some theological reflection on the city of lights. I have to write these memories down somewhere, before they fade, as do all things this side of eternity. I will have more to say on my impression of Rome, to finish off the series, for now, for those interested in following along.