Food for the Mind

A few good reads we might suggest:

In the metaphysical maelstrom that oft characterizes this current Magisterium, a nugget of clarity, in the recent document from the Congregation for Education on the insanity of gender fluidity. Male and Female He Created Them explains in no uncertain terms that in the beginning we were created, as the title says, male and female, man and woman, and that for society to survive, to say nothing of flourish, we must live with the virtues proper respectively to man and woman, with all that masculinity and femininity imply, upon which Pope Saint John Paul II wrote so eloquently. To deny this basic truth and act upon it, as one physician has promised to do, committing his skills to ‘gender reassignment surgery’, is to undermine the most basic foundation of our society, the family, without which we simply will not survive. As the family goes, so goes society, as Pope John Paul pithily put it.

We may end up going the way of the Neanderthals, although, if current childless trends continue, much more quickly than the millennia it took for them to disappear.

And a musing by Theodore Dalrymple on the unhinging of the virtues from each other, which run rampant, and turn into insidious vices. Thus, compassion – which Justin Trudeau espouses – becomes a cloak for the tolerance of great evil. He begins his article with a quotation from G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy:

The modern world is full of the old Christian virtues gone mad. The virtues have gone mad because they have been isolated from each other and are wandering alone Thus some humanitarians only care for pity; and their pity (I am sorry to say) is often untruthful.

I would recommend a perusal of the articles of ‘Theodore Dalrymple’, the nom de plume of Anthony Daniel, a prison psychiatrist, who seems now to be retired. As Dr. Dalrymple/Daniel explains in his preface, he professes no religion, no afterlife, but yet writes on beauty, morality and overall sanity more clearly and more convincingly than most Catholics. Pray for him, for I think he needs but a nudge to see the fullness of truth, behind all that is true and good in this world.