Deacon Jean-Nil Chabot, Ph. D, responds to my most recent editorial:

Generally speaking I would not differ from what you wrote, but I will express my opinion (no, I say, the truth!) regarding moving Canada’s debt to the trillion dollar Rubicon. The truth is, there is no real debt. The real wealth was no produced by those who create the money. We, Canadians, have produce the real wealth. The proof is that if your erase this supposed debt not one item will disappear from the real wealth: nothing from the shelves of your grocery store, not one factory, not any other object of real wealth. But money is needs to be issued, wealth has to be moved. However, the Banks which create and issue the money numbers require that more be refunded than was created, making the full repayment impossible. The debt of every country necessarily increases exponentially. The creators of money know that reality very well and do not expect repayment. All they need is the interest on the debt which provides a more than sufficient revenue. Whatever is physically feasible and desirable should be made financially feasible. The actual system does not allow that to happen. A reform is needed absolutely, but is almost impossible to execute because those who have the absolute creative power over money also have the power to cover up the truth of the situation.