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Why I blog and why you should too


Computer technology, social media and its users have been stigmatized and blamed for much of the world’s problems. Everything from illiteracy to a decrease in IQ is blamed in part on technology and sometimes on blogs and bloggers themselves. And perhaps there is something to it? I mean, everyone and their dog (literally!) has a blog. Blogs are free, easy to start, and anyone can write anything about anything. Bloggers use the platform for their own agendas, which could range from ... (Continue reading)

The Soul of the Internet

One of my blogging heroines often says the only thing that qualifies her to blog is that she is a housewife with a computer—meaning, she’s not qualified to say much so don’t take her words as gospel truth. Well, I can relate. I’m not an expert on anything (except maybe Scrabble; I’m good at that). I’m just a gal with a computer and a drive to form words into meaningful ideas. I started blogging because it’s one of the easiest ... (Continue reading)

Whom do you serve?

At the back of our parish there is a poster with two pictures on it. The first picture is of a computer/TV screen and the second is of a monstrance, with the words “Whom do you worship?” in bold script underneath. We’re standing on the threshold of Advent 2012—one liturgical year coming to a close and another beginning—and I think it so fitting that the Church wraps up the liturgical year with a celebration of Jesus Christ the King. There ... (Continue reading)

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