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The road not taken

Four years ago, Barack Obama touted “change” and “hope”—his platform was that Bush’s policies weren’t working, so it was necessary to switch directions and try something new. Fast forward four years, and we are suffering from 7.9% unemployment—a number that has stayed steady for 42 months straight with no signs of improvement—and a 16 trillion dollar debt—6 trillion more than what it was four years ago. Barack Obama said very clearly in his 2008 campaign that if he could ... (Continue reading)

Nuns on the Bus

Ah, Nuns on the Bus. What a fantastic, dedicated, orthodox pillar of Catholicism this group is. It abides by the Magisterium, is obedient to the Pope, and is doctrinally sound. Oh, wait. It's not. Nuns on the Bus is made up of the liberal-progressive leftovers of the 1960s feminist movement, armed to the teeth with propaganda that has no economic, factual, or religious truth. The nuns denounce GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and running mate Paul Ryan, saying the Ryan Budget ... (Continue reading)

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