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Kissing Death on the Lips


My husband’s granny passed away last week—suddenly, from a brain aneurism. She had her bath (she would be mortified I told you that) and went to her room. We are told that she laid herself down on the bed and never got up again. She was such a feisty woman I don’t think she could have passed any other way—no shilly-shallying around, she just up and died, God rest her soul. I am happy for her but I am sad for myself ... (Continue reading)

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Escalator Problems


When I was little, I was dreadfully afraid of escalators. I thought the little metal teeth at the end of each step would snag my toes and somehow drag me through the cracks between the steps and I would disappear forever and bleed to death (via my mauled toes) in some deep, dark, underground land. An overactive imagination has mainly caused lots of trouble in my life. My fear wasn’t helped by the fact that, to an adult, my refusal to accompany ... (Continue reading)

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Searching for God in a shallow grave


A while back I attended a funeral for a non-practicing Catholic. A spiritual-but-not-religious person led a short, non-denominational service replete with twangy songs about "hay-ven," celebration, honour, and priceless legacy. Finally the deceased's life was recounted in soothing tones to a sleepy crowd. I got up halfway through the ten-minute service and left the room only because I couldn't bear the embarrassment of sitting through one more twang. I tried to envision the deceased standing in the presence of the mighty ... (Continue reading)

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The Extraordinary Ordinary

Last Saturday was the feast of the Triumph of the Cross and for me, this one has always been a conundrum of a feast day.  How can The Cross - and everything that represents defeat, death and finality - be triumphant?  How can it be a win if there were no points scored?  Because the last time I checked, death is about as un-victorious as you can get. If you’re reading this in hopes of finding some definitive answers, I’m sorry ... (Continue reading)

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Grown Up Friends

When I was younger, my friends would talk about what it would be like to be a “grown up.” They all seemed to be looking forward to this stage of life with bated breath. Driving! Freedom! Money! No one telling you what to do! For the most part, I dreaded that far off time. It just seemed to be a complicated minefield. Voting. University. Finding a job. Getting married. Taxes. Death. I wanted to remain in the realm of dress up clothes ... (Continue reading)

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