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Gift Guide: For the woman who is always busy


I've been checking out gift guides lately. They range from the utterly ridiculous (for those who have everything) to the downright practical (for those who have nothing) and everything in between. So I didn't pause for a minute when our blog editor, Meaghen, suggested I come up with a gift list for the busy women in your life. Here's a short list of great gifts. Prayer and Devotion A Catholic Woman's Book of Days by Amy Welborn looks mighty lovely. I haven't read this, but it ... (Continue reading)

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Christmas 1856-style

ice storm

Ever seen American Girl dolls? The dolls are based on characters from different time periods and come with long, detailed stories about where they are from and what their lives are like. Addy is from the Civil War period, Caroline is from 1812, and Kit and Ruthie are from the Great Depression. I think if I were one of these dolls, I’d be Sarah from 1856—because that is just about what my Christmas was like. The ice rain arrived four days ... (Continue reading)

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On the second day of Christmas…

So here we are on the far side of Christmas day. The sleepless nights of knitting and wrapping presents, hours of trying to find the perfect present for each person, the cooking, the cleaning, and the decorating are all finished. We made it to Mass, we had enough food for everyone, lots of nice presents (a few good gag gifts of course!), and a ton of family to spend the day with. The presents are all unwrapped (I think) and ... (Continue reading)

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But for the grace of God

Pickwick Papers

Every Christmas my family and I read aloud Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. And every Christmas we thoroughly enjoy it and are impressed with how applicable it is to the world today—maybe even more so than when it was written. I guess it is like how I imagine really good wine that gets better with age to be (I have to rely on supposition because the family purse will not allow for gustatory examination). However, another ... (Continue reading)

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Truth and contradiction

Yesterday, my sister (who is no longer pregnant), my new nephew, my niece, my brother-in-law, and I went grocery shopping. This was my sister's first post-baby shopping trip and, understandably, she got a bit tired about three quarters of the way through. She decided to go sit down and leave my brother-in-law and me in charge of finishing the shopping and looking after the kids. Just a few minutes after my sister left us, the ... (Continue reading)

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