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Faith and war


Once I almost ran over a woman with my car. Years ago I was in a grocery store and a quiet, pretty lady about my age unknowingly took my cart. Our eyes met and she apologized. We both politely smiled and went on our way. We met again at the cashier—she was right behind me loading her groceries onto the conveyor belt. We caught each other’s eye again and smiled a bit bigger. I paid, left and went to my car ... (Continue reading)

Searching for God in a shallow grave


A while back I attended a funeral for a non-practicing Catholic. A spiritual-but-not-religious person led a short, non-denominational service replete with twangy songs about "hay-ven," celebration, honour, and priceless legacy. Finally the deceased's life was recounted in soothing tones to a sleepy crowd. I got up halfway through the ten-minute service and left the room only because I couldn't bear the embarrassment of sitting through one more twang. I tried to envision the deceased standing in the presence of the mighty ... (Continue reading)

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The hub of Christianity

Michael Coren

We really have to take back our history. In other words, Catholics have to know about their collective past and be prepared to explain it. Seldom is this as essential as with the Crusades, used by Muslims as well as secularists to attack the Church. Their arguments are mostly nonsense. Palestine, Syria, and Egypt were at one point almost entirely Christian and represented the very epicentre of Christian thought and energy. By the eighth century, Muslim armies has conquered North Africa ... (Continue reading)

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A gentle, thoughtful man

Michael Coren

Meet Father Zakaria Boutros—a gentle, thoughtful man, one of the leading figures of the Egyptian Coptic Christian community and now obliged to live in exile in the United States after twice being arrested in his homeland, and having Muslims in Iran and Saudi Arabia put a $60 million bounty on his head. While he is anonymous to most North Americans, Boutros is famous (or notorious) throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia, where his daily television broadcasts attract ... (Continue reading)

Education: the root of heroism.

"Education" may not be the first word that comes to mind if you are asked what causes heroism, but it's an interesting idea. Today many people believe “heroes” are musicians, entertainers, athletes, or actors. However, a “hero,” in the true sense of the word, is one who steps out of the ordinary with courage, resolution, and selflessness. And Our Lord revealed through His teachings and example the ultimate essence of heroism, so those who are educated in Christian principles become ... (Continue reading)

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