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The Presence-Prayers of Children


There’s been quite a bit of media coverage lately about kiddies at Mass. One parish’s idea had made the Facebook rounds a while back: the pastor had put an insert into every pew asking parishioners to be patient and loving towards kids, instead of disdainful and angry. Terri wrote a beautiful post on it the other day, and the mommy-bloggers have been sharing their tricks and triumphs when it comes to keeping their kids under wraps for one hour a week. So ... (Continue reading)

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I’ve been walking around the last few days with the name "Kermit" in my head and vomit close to the surface. You almost have to be made of Teflon to be able to stomach the events that are being laid out in a courtroom in Pennsylvania...tales so horrific it makes me wonder if history is repeating itself here and now and we’re stuck in Nazi Germany. The facts are as gruesome as some of the worst concentration camp stories, and ... (Continue reading)

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