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Our January artist, Justin Jensen, studied illustration at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. After graduation, he traveled through Europe and decided there was an amazing potential for beauty in art. He decided to continue studying painting at Colorado State University. He currently teaches online at RMCAD and is collaborating with a friend on illustrating a children’s book about the Eucharist. What is this piece about? This is a depiction of Zachariah—the father of St. John the ... (Continue reading)

The Hollow Cross

Hollow cross

Good artists, musicians, writers, and dramatists are able to reflect reality. Often their work is so true to life that we cannot see it. I am not sure if the artists are conscious of this, but I know of some examples. So, in the case of art, the trick for the observer is to resist the rhetoric surrounding the image or picture and look at what is in front of us—to actually see the thing as it is. It is easy to ... (Continue reading)

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March 2013 cover

Our March artist, Michael D. O’Brien, was born in Ottawa in 1948 and is internationally renowned as the author of twenty books, notably the novel Father Elijah and eight other novels, which have been translated into twelve languages and widely reviewed in both secular and religious media in North America and Europe. Several of his non-fiˆction books have been published by Justin Press. His most recent is: Arriving Where We Started: faith and culture in the Post-modernist Age. O’Brien’s essays on faith and ... (Continue reading)

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Lessons from Picasso

I love art—particularly paintings. I love the way that paintings have their own language, where so much can be conveyed in a single image. Generally, I prefer classical works. I’m not big on modern works, and up until a few years ago, there were absolutely no modern artists in my favorites list. Then one day, quite by accident, I fell in love with Picasso. It was all because of a single work, painted in 1896 when Picasso was a mere fourteen ... (Continue reading)

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Things real and wonderful

Recently I came across quote from C. S. Lewis that said: "In a sense a child does not long for fairy land as a boy longs to be the hero...Does anyone suppose that he really and prosaically longs for all the dangers and discomfort of a fairy tale?—really wants dragons in contemporary England? It is not so. It would be much truer to say that fairy land arouses a longing for he knows not what. It stirs and troubles him...with the ... (Continue reading)

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St. Brigid

February 2013 cover

Our February artist, Anna Pierlot, is a student at Campion University in Australia. Her free time is consumed by art, writing, and a philosophy club that she began with her friends. Below are selections from an interview; read more at What is this piece about? This piece depicts St. Brigid, patron of Ireland (along with St. Patrick). She is often shown holding a reed cross, a crozier of the sort used by abbots, along with some source of fire or light. Fire ... (Continue reading)

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The purpose of beauty

Like many people, I have a love affair with old churches. I lived in Rome a few years ago, and I am surprised I was at all coherent during that period. The wealth of churches—small ones down little cobblestoned side streets, gloriously gaudy ones at the end of large piazzas, and sparse haunting ones with so much history you could almost feel the weight of it—were quite literally everywhere I turned, and left me either speechless or in desperate need ... (Continue reading)

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