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Our Unsupportable Medical Utopia


I met an acquaintance of mine recently in one of local stores (of course, government run) that sells liquid cheer, to refresh the weary soul after a long Lent.  He was there to buy a blend of Canadian Rye Whiskey, voted last December by a connoisseur as the 'best whiskey in the world'.  As a born Scotsman, I was skeptical then, and am skeptical now.  A Canadian Rye beating a single malt Scotch?  What has the world come to?  Perhaps ... (Continue reading)

The True Myth: Easter as the Greatest Story Ever Told

cross and resurrection

Human beings have always been story-tellers. Since the earliest days, we have striven to express our new-found ability to understand reality and interact more fully with the world around us. We alone among Creation were given that sublime combination of intelligence and emotions to enable us to seek out the truth and knowingly revel in it. We have been called a strange blend of animal and angel; we are primates still, and yet our destiny has been raised and image transformed by ... (Continue reading)

Demolishing Secular Pretensions: Assisted Suicide, the Media and Relativism


The other day, I sent a friend a couple of articles regarding Ontario’s first legal assisted suicide including John Paul Meenan’s “The Totalitarian Imposition of Euthanasia in Canada.” My friend, although a lapsed Christian is a well-meaning individual.  He longs for self-transcendence but, as many people do, searches for it through false avenues.  It consistently seems to elude him but I pray for him that he will receive God’s grace (as I do for many others).  Sometimes this friend seems ... (Continue reading)

The Beauty of Suffering: Salvifici Doloris

JP II Salvifici

In, 1984, Pope Saint John Paul II penned an Apostolic Letter on the mystery of human suffering, Salvifici Doloris (curiously, now looking back, the same year he made his first apostolic journey to Canada).  One priest in a talk I heard recently mentioned that it may be remembered as one of his most prophetic works, with which I concur.  I long ago included the Letter in my syllabus on Magisterial teaching, and now with the looming shadow of euthanasia about ... (Continue reading)

Of Bombs, Budget and Bombast


*Our prayers go out for all the victims and, yes, the perpetrators of yesterday's attacks in Belgium.  We are up against a determined enemy, willing to kill, and to die, for their disordered cause.  Nothing so motivates a man as religious zeal, but we must recall that that does not make religion evil.  Corruptio optimi pessima, the corruption of the best is the worst:  It is only because religion is so good, that it can be so evil. *As I have ... (Continue reading)

True Patriotism

patriotism 3

As an American freelance student of British history, I find it intriguing how the true meaning of patriotism has often been lost in the muck and mire of personal interpretation. Throughout history, the natural emotions that attach people to their native land have been twisted by advocates of various points of view to forward their own agendas. In the process, two extremes have sprung up, each equally dangerous if left unchecked: national jingoism and national defeatism. The source of the first ... (Continue reading)

Of Depravity and Bullying

saint joseph holy family

*A blessed solemnity of Saint Joseph to one and all!   *To paraphrase the words of the great American Justice, Robert Bork, we slouch each day closer to Gomorrah.  Louise Ciccone, the woman otherwise unfortunately known as 'Madonna', has crossed another threshold in her older-age depravity (she is now in her later fifties) by exposing the breast of a 17 year-old fan on stage.  The teen, apparently, was not troubled.  Far from it: Speaking to Brisbane’s Courier Mail, Georgiou said after the incident, “Only ... (Continue reading)

A Deadly First

euthanasia syringe

With the permission of a Superior Court Justice, Ontario had its first euthanasia case this morning, when an 81 year old man suffering from end-stage lymphoma was murdered quietly by his physician, with the 'patient's' family surrounding his entrance into a dubious eternity (the patient's lawyers name, ironically enough, was Andrew Faith).  There will be no need for a coroner, apparently, since the patient officially died of his disease.  So begins the totalitarian double-speak, and the perversion of the ... (Continue reading)

Not Peace but a Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam


Robert Spencer, Not Peace but a Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam. San Diego: Catholic Answers, 2013, p.251. By Scott Ventureyra Robert Spencer is perhaps the most vocal Catholic critic of Islam and violent jihadism. He has authored various works critical of both Islam and the prophet Muhammad. He is also the founder and editor of Despite the many efforts made to discredit him, he unflinchingly continues to expose the Islamic beliefs that threaten Western culture. In this book, Spencer ... (Continue reading)

The Totalitarian Imposition of Euthanasia in Canada

Supreme Court

The story of euthanasia in Canada officially began a year ago this February 6th, when the Supreme Court of Canada decreed that the laws forbidding murder-suicide for compassionate reasons were 'unconstitutional', and commanded the Parliament of Canada to frame a law legalizing such physician-assisted suicide within a few months, so the clock is ticking for our country to enter a whole new phase in the culture of death, when our physicians will become murderers.  Primum non nocere? Now, for all of ... (Continue reading)

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