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The Modus Operandi of Pope Francis

pope francis jan 30

Like many around the world, Catholic or not, I have been trying to figure out Pope Francis.  It is always a difficult task to 'get' a man, to understand whence he comes and whither he goes, not least due to the complexity of people's backgrounds and that unpredictable reality that we call' 'free-will', but which in its original Latin is more properly termed liberum arbitrium, or free choice.  We never really know what people will choose to do, or not ... (Continue reading)

This Economy Kills


The economy has become an embodiment of all sorts of perplexing modern quandaries. Anxiety at various political, economic, corporate, and religious levels is visibly increasing. Reports from the recent World Economic Forum in Davos suggest that the most powerful capitalists are now just as pessimistic about the economy as everybody else despite their nervously upbeat message about the upcoming “Fourth Industrial Revolution” through which they are hoping to save the world economy from collapsing. Pope Francis sees this as a ... (Continue reading)

Gunplay and Bullying

yatim forcillo

*Officer James Forcillo has been found guilty of attempted murder, a curious conviction considering that he had already killed Sammy Yatim.  That is, the jury found the officer's first three shots to be justified in some broad notion of legitimate defense (itself dubious, as I wrote previously), but the other six shots into Sammy's dead or dying body to be unjustified.  Since the first shots already killed Sammy, they found the officer not guilty of murder, but of attempted murder. Hmm.  ... (Continue reading)

What’s Wrong with the University?

Chesterton wrote a book, a collection of essays, which he called 'What's Wrong with the World', and, it seems, a lot, even back in 1912.  I thought that I would be a bit more modest in these brief words, and post this editorial on what is wrong with our modern university, as students are deciding in this mid-January where to go after high school.  I will add a brief addendum on why we were trying to start a new, but ... (Continue reading)

Growing in Holiness Through Marriage: A Personal Reflection

we still do

Last summer, my husband and I were present at the renewal of vows of a couple whose wedding I participated in as a bridesmaid. As my husband and I sat in the church with three of our four children, I couldn’t help but reflect that the renewal of vows that we were now witnessing seemed even more meaningful than the original vows exchanged 25 years ago. This, now, was a love that had experienced all the challenges that the priest ... (Continue reading)

McLuhan Amongst Moralists: A Retrospective


This retrospective column, from the great professor David Dooley, no stranger to readers of these pages, is curiously prescient in its view of technology, and how it would affect our world, and ourselves, in ways we could not begin to imagine.  (Editor) In an interesting “Mermaid Inn” column in the Toronto Globe and Mail (21 Jan. 1984), my colleague Derrick de Kerckhove suggested that Marshall McLuhan could be one of the best answers to George Orwell’s unsettling novel 1984. Orwell predicted ... (Continue reading)

Nota in Brevis January 13th: Of Bridges and Boondoggle

Nota in Brevis January 13th:  Of Bridges and Boondoggle

Just don't slow down as you cross... *Ah, the public boondoggle waste of our tax dollars continues by an incompetent Ontario government run by our disordered Premier:  A main bridge on the Trans-Canada, built but a scarce two months ago to the tune of $106 million, collapsed on the weekend, forcing the closure of the only land route across Canada.  Trucks and cars had to take a 12 hour, yes, 12 hour, ... (Continue reading)

Euthanasia Death Panel: Harbingers of Doom


Yes, a cheery title for an article, but we are in a serious business, for unless the Supreme Court decides otherwise, Parliament must come up with a law for 'physician-assisted suicide' by this February.  The government has petitioned the Court for a six month extension, but one way or the other, a law is coming down the pipe, it seems.  Unlike the 'question' of abortion, about which there are no federal or provincial laws, even the morally-deficient legislators running our ... (Continue reading)

Theological Notions Simplified for Children

william lane craig

William Lane Craig, a world renowned Christian philosopher, theologian and apologist has written many works at the scholarly level. He has tackled deep issues within the philosophy of religion such as arguments for the existence of God, God’s relationship to time, the compatibility of divine foreknowledge with human free will and, most recently, the problem of God’s relation to abstract objects. On the theological side he has dealt heavily with the historicity of Jesus’ resurrection. He has sought, as C.S. Lewis ... (Continue reading)

Is Cash Still King?

I wonder how many of us still use cash?  Reports state that we are becoming more and more a cash-less society, with Sweden (yes, always Sweden) being the most 'advanced' in this area.  A recent article in the National Post highlighted Bjorn Ulvaeus, one of the original ABBA members (who, to be fair, does not have to worry much about cash) but who runs, you guessed it, the ABBA museum in Stockholm.  The museum does not take your bills ... (Continue reading)

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