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from Wanderings in South America, the North-West of the United States, and the Antilles, in the years 1812, 1810, 1820, and 1824. With Original Instructions for the perfect preservation of Birds, Etc. for Cabinets of Natural History Note: Charles Waterton was a ninth descendant of St. Thomas More. He was born in 1782, and established the first reserve for conservation of birds and other wildlife, and was a devout Catholic. The following is from his description of his schooling at a ... (Continue reading)



The 1987 movie RoboCop has become a household classic over the last 27 years and even if you have not seen it, chances are you have heard of it or know the premise. The name speaks for itself: the movie is about a cop who is a robot. On 12 February 2014, RoboCop hit theatres again with an all-new cast, updated graphics, and a slightly different plot. The question that remains is: Which RoboCop is better—the original or the remake? Let's recap (keep in mind both stories ... (Continue reading)

The Miraculous Medal: Origin, History, Circulation, Results


Extracts of letters written by Sisters of Charity during the War of Secession, from 1861 to 1865: “Military Hospital (House of Refuge), St. Louis, Missouri. Many of our poor soldiers scarcely knew of the existence of God, and had never even heard baptism mentioned. But, when the Sisters explained to them the necessity of this sacrament, and the goodness of God, who, by means of it, cleanses us from the original stain, and adopts us as His children, they ... (Continue reading)

King Henry V and the Hermit of Dreux


First published in The Morning Post, 24 September 1798; afterward in The Anthology, 1799. based on the following history: “While Henry V lay at the siege of Dreux, an honest Hermit, unknown to him, came and told him the great evils he brought on Christendom by his unjust ambition, who usurped the kingdom of France, against all; manner of right, and contrary to the will of God; wherefore in his ... (Continue reading)

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A pope for our time

Michael Coren

The new year is arbitrary, really, a contrived date to jolt us into novelty, remind us of chronology, mark the progress of time, achievement, failure, success. The Church calendar has a different climate and rhythm and one that is altogether more significant and meaningful. But the secular annual does oblige us to look ahead and, as Catholics, to wonder what the coming year will bring. Something we should all remember and embrace is the reality that popes come and ... (Continue reading)

February 2014 editorial cartoon

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The power of Sunday family dinner


The advantages of gathering together to share a family meal are well documented. Many experts in various fields of expertise tell us that the family meal helps our kids stay off drugs, do better in school, learn to socialize, bond with family members, and make healthy lifestyle choices. Family mealtime is important. In the Gospels, we see that Jesus spends much of his time eating with others: the wedding feast at Cana, feeding the five thousand, dinner with Mary, Martha and ... (Continue reading)

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In defence of the pope


The paper holds their folded faces to the floor And every day the paper boy brings more. - Roger Waters, 1973 Media expert Marshal McLuhan once wrote that he simply pointed out what was happening in the present; and because most people lived in the past, they thought he was being prophetic. McLuhan was a convert to the Catholic faith, and an authority on how the kind of media used to convey information alters the information itself. His most famous saying ... (Continue reading)

January Thaw, Bluffer’s Park, Lake Ontario


Francis Joseph Dvorak is an artist, art restorer and teacher. He studied philosophy at the University of Toronto, and painting in the atelier of Michael John Angel in Florence, Italy. He painted many commissioned murals and portraits, including the portrait of Cardinal Ambrozic, and Archbishop Spence of Kingston, Ontario. During the Year of the Family, his oil-tempera painting of the “Holy Family” was exhibited at the Royal Ontario Museum. Currently represented by John A. Libby Fine Art, Toronto, Francis is ... (Continue reading)

Books I have not read

Fun cartoon

There are lots of books that I have never read and never will read. The act of not-reading is portrayed as passive, but there is activity in not-reading. For example, I have actively chosen to not-read anything written by those listed as Great Canadian Writers. I happily read Canadians who are not on this official list—such as Michael O’Brien, Robert Service, John Buchan, or Stephen Leacock. I once read two pages of a Margaret ... (Continue reading)

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