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We are dynamic women of Faith.


In 1972, singer Helen Reddy exploded onto the pop charts with a song that became the anthem for the young women of my generation and our older sisters. I Am Woman Hear Me Roar proclaimed our liberation and told the world that we were a liberated force whose time had come. I was twelve years old, on the brink of becoming a teenager and starting to envision my place in the universe. Along with other young girls and women of the time, ... (Continue reading)

Searching for God in a shallow grave


A while back I attended a funeral for a non-practicing Catholic. A spiritual-but-not-religious person led a short, non-denominational service replete with twangy songs about "hay-ven," celebration, honour, and priceless legacy. Finally the deceased's life was recounted in soothing tones to a sleepy crowd. I got up halfway through the ten-minute service and left the room only because I couldn't bear the embarrassment of sitting through one more twang. I tried to envision the deceased standing in the presence of the mighty ... (Continue reading)

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Bill 52: “The definitive end of all care.”


The move to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide was launched by the leadership of the College des medecins du Quebec (Quebec College of Physicians) in 2009 without any prior consultation or poll from the members of the College regarding their opinion on euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. The proposal was picked up by the Quebec National Assembly and in 2010 a commission was set up. Bill 52 was tabled by Quebec Minister Veronique Hivon in June 2013. On 29 October 2013, ... (Continue reading)

Dignity for All


In all the debates that are going on in the world, there is, perhaps, none that are so relative as that which surrounds abortion, and each January brings that argument into the spotlight. Science tells us that life begins at conception, and yet, if someone wants an unborn child, then it is a baby, a blessing to be loved and cherished. But if no one wants it, if it is imperfect or for some other reason “undesirable,” then it is ... (Continue reading)

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Moral conscience and who am I to judge

peter paul

A lesbian couple in Missouri were denied Holy Communion at one of the women's mother's funeral when it came to light that the two were in a same-sex relationship. The two women had been parishioners at St. Columban Catholic Church for twelve years. Ms. Parker, one of the women, was quoted as saying that she hoped the priest, Fr. Kneib, would "open his eyes and fully receive the LGBT community into the church." She further added: "We're all God's children ... (Continue reading)

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Reed of God

our lady

Fanny Price, the heroine in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, makes a striking comment one evening while waiting for a carriage. She says the time between dinner and the carriage passed in a “quick succession of busy nothings.” Even though Fanny was only remarking on the passing of a few short hours, I think the line illustrates perfectly how easily life can become dull and boring. We wake up, go to work, eat, watch TV, surf the net, and go back ... (Continue reading)

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Reclaim the Mass: reclaim the Faith


During a recent Sunday Mass, I witnessed an incident that I hope I never see again. A child whom I know is still receiving catechism classes in preparation for First Communion received the Holy Eucharist with the family. Since the child is older than the other children in the class, the priest didn't realize anything was amiss. I teach the class and I know that the child does not have a clear understanding of what and Who the Holy Eucharist ... (Continue reading)

A breath of fresh air


I wore braces for about four years, after which I immediately had oral surgery to cut the fibres behind my front teeth to prevent them from being pulled out of alignment again. That’s how terrible my teeth were. My orthodontist told me that the procedure would be pretty simple—the oral surgeon would freeze my gums, slice the fibres, make sure that I didn’t bleed to death from my mouth (maybe he didn't word it QUITE like that), and then give me ... (Continue reading)

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