A Kinder Visitation

A blessed and joyous feast of the Visitation, commemorating the journey and meeting of the Virgin Mary to her ‘kinswoman’ Elizabeth, at her home in the hills of Judea. Both women were expecting, and the children within their wombs, one the Son of God, the other His final prophet, ‘leapt for joy’, as did his mother. A very pro-life feast, signifying the humanity of the unborn, who have souls as we do, as well as the immeasurable value of motherhood, and the care we must take for both mother and child, both of whom are under the most intense attacks in the encroaching culture of death. So rejoice, Mums and babies; God is on your side, and so are we.

Socialism rules again in dear old Canada, with the federal Liberals purchasing the financially toxic Kinder Morgan pipeline albatross with 4.5 billion dollars of your money. Keep in mind, dear reader, that that is 4.5 thousand million, and the thing is not even built yet. That is just more or less for the ‘concept’ of the oil delivery system. The private corporation of Kinder Morgan, which unlike the government lives in financial reality, wants no more of it, the protestors, the implacable, fluctuating and amorphous indigenous ‘rights’, and the unhinged NDP government of British Columbia. Good riddance, say the stockholders, and now Trudeau and Morneau have landed the steaming mess right in the lap of the taxpayer. That’s always one way, and too often the usual way, to solve a problem. And they wonder why people don’t want to pay their taxes.

And while we’re on socialism, contrary to the expectation of many, the NDP are now leading in the polls for next week’s provincial election. Angela Horvath and her followers stand contrary to reason, right order and Church teaching on numerous fundamental issues, from life to the economy. Although none of the parties is what we could call ‘pro-life’, with social conservatism thrown under the bus, and Doug Ford not presenting as the most charismatic of candidates, the Liberals and NDP are rather explicitly pro-death and socialist, and will spell the rapid ruin of Ontario, already well on the way to disaster.

There is no easy answer, so hold onto your hats, for we are in for an interesting ride, one way or the other.

Mother Mary and Saint Elizabeth, orate pro nobis!