Trudeau’s Tinfoil Hat

English: man with a tin foil hat on Date 21 August 2017 Source Own work Author Rory112233

One of the worst of logical fallacies – which is to say, the weakest – is the ad hominem argument. That is, instead of responding to your opponent’s arguments in a reasoned manner, you simply insult him and, by illogical extension, his argument.

This is the primary mode of ‘debate’ – insofar as it may be called such – by the illiberal Liberals (and Democrats), the whole woke crowd: To our reasonable questions, we are labeled, ‘fascist’, ‘nazi’, ‘transphobe’ – or anything -phobe. They rarely extend their vocabulary to broader horizons: cretin, moron, guttersnipe, philistine. Shakespeare has a whole list.

It is thus par for the course for Trudeau to so demean Poilievre, who plans, quite reasonably, to can the ‘ArriveCAN’ app, which coerced people to receive the mRNA therapy in order to cross the border. And even if they were permitted to cross, to be subject to intolerable restrictions, such as 2-week solitary isolation. A bit late in the day for Poilievre to object so vociferously to this diktat, but better late than never, even if his sails be trimmed to the changing winds.

Yet here is the National Post reporting the words of our still benighted, if not completely coopted, Prime Minister:

He does not want to accept that over 80 per cent of Canadians chose to get vaccinated during the pandemic,” Trudeau said amid the disruption of hecklers from the conservative party. “We have always stood up for the safety of Canadians while he chooses to wear a tinfoil hat. 

I wonder if Dr. Mati Erlichman will be donning such a hat? He is the father of the Israeli poster child for ‘vaccination’, 8 year-old Yonatan Moshe Erlichman, has just died of a heart attack while taking a bath? Or perhaps the parents of Argentina’s own ‘vaxx’ poster child, Santino Godoy Blanco, who ‘died suddenly‘ last year of double pneumonia? We should not take schadenfreude at their tragic loss – only hope that they wake up to what is real.

These two children are only the more famous of countless – thousands, if not millions of others – seriously harmed, of all ages, even unto death, by this mRNA injection, the contents, never mind the effects, of which are still not fully known. The rates of getting ‘boosted’ have dropped off a cliff, hovering around 3%, the die-hard believers who may well die believing.

At this rate, the question becomes for our little tinpot emperor: Who’s wearing the tin hat?