Transfiguration and Conversion

A blessed feast of theTransfiguration to all our readers, which finds me newly arrived in the historic town of Canterbury, made famous by Augustine (the English one, not African), Thomas a Becket and Chaucer, amongst numerous other historical worthies.  More to follow on that, as I explore tomorrow.

I have a few thoughts on the Marian shrine at Walsingham, which I was able to visit with the generosity of a wonderful Catholic family who, as providence would have it, love to visit the various holy and historical places in England (and there is no end to them, as I have happily discovered). Mary is indeed our hope and promise.

What if one to say of the clerical scandals, and especially that of the sad and tragic downfall of Cardinal McCarrick? Paula Adamick has a few choice words, but our first and primary response should be prayer and repentance., as King Henry II did after the murder of Becket, with which he was complicit.  But at least that was only physical death, not spiritual. Woe to him who kills the soul…

And on that note, I will have more to say on the Holy Father’s ‘development of doctrine’, if such it can be termed, on captial punishment. There are nuances and distinctions, and I hope that some sense can be made of this.

But, anon, for now, rest, for I am five hours ahead of most readers of these words.

Be assured of my prayers, as I have mentioned to a number of correspondents, as I pilgrimage along.