The Worm Turns

Dr. Joseph Campbell presents the evidence for injuries stemming from the mRNA therapy, and the first High Court case for some sort of recompense. It’s becoming more evident that risks were downplayed and hidden, and benefits overplayed and exaggerated – whether deliberately or not, remains to be seen. But the worm seems to be turning, as the sad and tragic of all this comes out, the lawsuits pile up, and the indemnities crumbling.

Yet, people will believe what they want to believe. The Wikipedia entry on Dr. Campbell comes across as severely slanted on the pro-‘vaxx’ side, and that he is peddling ‘misinformation’ – children saved by this thing? We’ve already mentioned the two poster boys for the ‘vaxx’, in Israel and Argentina, now both dead, from what seem deleterious side-effects – and children were and are at practically zero risk from the virus itself.

Even high-profile people are admitting severe injuries from this experimental mRNA jab. Australian actress Melle Stewart received her first dose on May 24, 2021, and life was never the same afterward.

Yet, God bless her, what is perhaps worse, Melle Stewart still supports the ‘vaxx’, and still urges others to get it, and potentially join her in a stroke-induced debility. These words appear, you may see, on a GoFundMe page, for it’s tough to find work as an actress when you have trouble moving.

Stockholm syndrome is a sad and tragic thing. If one’s body is a terrible thing to waste, far worse is one’s mind.