The Sun Setteth on Quebec

It’s been too debilitating to write on the situation in Quebec, with churches closed over Christmas, and the bishops raising no protest, with the exception of our own, who has some parishes on that side of the border. One wonders what they will do when the churches are set to re-open after this fin de la semaine. Will our shepherds bar the sheep gate and the pastures of the sacraments to the ‘un-vaxxed’? If so, it may be fin de l’eglise en Quebec.

The province has even barred the untouchables from liquor stores, which, for many a secularized Quebecer, is worse than the loss of the sacraments. Being French et pas de vin? But, then, do not the Faith and wine stand or fall together? As Belloc wrote:

Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine, there’s always laughter and good red wine. At least I have always found it so, Benedicamus Domino!

The Catholic sun – and Son – seem to be setting in la belle province, and with it, laughter and good red wine.

What would good Brother Andre say of all this? His incorrupt heart must be breaking – or perhaps it is burning, with zeal, to restore his Father’s house.

Now that I write that, I wonder what is going through the mind of good Pope Emeritus Benedict? Would that he might speak out! But he will not – barring a minor miracle – and we can only presume that in his silence, he ponders all these things in his own heart, as do we all, waiting for God to act. And act He will, in His own time.