The State as Corrupting

“Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” ― Leo Tolstoy

If you peruse the Showbiz section of any daily newspaper, you’ll invariably find an item about yet another celebrity coping with the trauma of his or her failed marriage or partnership while embarking on the quest for love yet again. “I found my way out,” declares Mandy Moore, star of the hit TV series This is Us, as she reflects on the trauma of her divorce.

Turns out that her personal life has long been fraught with emotional pain, beginning with the collapse of her first marriage which, she insists, was to the wrong guy. Further complicated by the news that her mother was leaving her dad for another woman.

But hurray anyway because the 36-year-old has found love again and this time it’s with the right guy, she told Glamour magazine recently.

Further down the page comes news that actress Ruby Rose, a lesbian, will be living up to her name when she appears as Batwoman with unconventionally long red hair on a TV series later this year. She also becomes the first openly gay lead in a live-action superhero series.

So there you have it. Forget the family traditions of thousands of years. In 2018, here are two women simply trying to live happily ever after in today’s culture, a culture that has been maimed beyond all recognition by decades of sexual revolution. And the result? Acute loneliness and off-the-charts dysfunctionality, concludes Jennifer Robach Morse, PhD, in her groundbreaking new book The Sexual State: How Elite Ideologies Are Destroying Lives and Why the Church Was Right All Along.

Sex as the Measure of All Things

In fact, the damage wrought by this rolling revolution, as charted by Morse, is so great that a huge percentage of the population actually believes the lies broadcast to the world for decades. Day in and day out in myriad forms. And the result? They actually live their lives as if these lies were true! As portrayed in countless novels, magazines and Hollywood films where the perky but abused star dumps her husband and three children for Mr. Right in the name of True Love. And all live happily ever after, even her wise-cracking kids. But hey, it’s just a movie, right?

Even so, countless self-absorbed women actually believe this stuff.

Never mind that the lies they fall for or the bad advice given by friends and therapists are contrary to human nature. Contrary to the facts of life. Contrary to reality. And contrary to what the Catholic Church has always taught. And for good reason – that no person, nor any society can upend the natural laws of creation without causing immeasurable harm to themselves and their families.

This is why the Sexual Revolution needs the power and force of the State to keep the propaganda going, Morse concludes. On their own, the elites – such as Warren Buffet, George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates and the Rockefellers who support and fund this revolution – haven’t sufficient power to continue indoctrinating one generation after another with its preposterous fictions. They need government power and outreach. Hence the Sexual State.

Ideologies of the Sexual Revolution

At the heart of this revolution – which began in earnest as far back as the 1920s – is a nest of ideologies which, together, demand that any good and decent society must:

  1. Separate sex from childbearing: this is the Contraceptive Ideology which insists that people need sexual activity so much that living without it renders life not worth living, which in turn provides the rationale for birth control and abortion as backup if birth control fails.
  2. Separate both sex and childbearing from marriage: this is the Divorce Ideology which is equally disastrous because while the state won’t lift a finger to assist couples who marry, have children and stay together for a lifetime, it’s expert in supporting non-marital cohabitation, no-fault divorce, non-marital sex and childbearing outside marriage. In all cases, the child’s need for parents is set aside for something else (a career perhaps), or someone else, in a society that denies the profound harm to the lives of all involved. And the result? Today, nearly 50% of all babies in the U.S. are born to non-married parents.
  3. Eliminate all distinctions between men and women except those that individuals explicitly embrace: this is Gender Ideology which teaches that all differences between men and women are socially constructed and can be deconstructed without doing serious harm. Today this pernicious ideology further holds that all differences between men and women are evidence of an injustice which must be rectified. And if any person rejects their bodily gender, that individual can submit to physical reconstruction to fit his or her – zer or zis – self-understanding.

Yet the above is merely the three-pronged ideological platform on which the Sexual Revolution is based. As Morse itemizes, these ideologies are further complicated by a subset of ‘Sub-Narratives’ which fit into each other like a nest of Russian dolls.

Insidious Sub-Narratives

Take the “Liberationist Narrative” which insists that, in the name of freedom, no one is required to stay in a marriage a minute longer than they want to and that leaving a spouse for any reason is perfectly acceptable; no one has to get married to have socially acceptable sex; no one is required to care for a baby they don’t want and as long as one kills the baby before birth, a person can walk away from all obligations civilized society normally places on parents.

Then there’s the “Orientation Sub-Narrative” which states that people are born with sexual orientations over which they have no control, including their sexual attractions. Add to this the latest “Gender Identity Sub-Narrative” which defines a person who discovers his or her true sexual identity as something other than the gender ‘assigned’ at birth. With this, the world has something quite new: human beings who exist independently of their bodies and whose true selves are lived outside their own bodies.

Not so new, however, is the “Over-Population Narrative” which asserts that too many people on the planet create ecological and economic disaster. And so on …

The result of all this ideological bombardment, supported by scientists in thrall to the revolution, is that more people than ever are living as if this painful nonsense was true. And proofs of this are everywhere – dramatized on daily soap operas and in romantic comedies where, amid a holocaust of psychological damage wrought by smart-talking divorcing parents, there’s always a happy ending, punctuated by one-liners hiding the hearts whose breaking might otherwise have been heard.

This is how the fraud sustains itself and deepens.

“Beyond the legal landscape, the cultural landscape has deteriorated to the point that saying men and women are different is considered social heresy,” Morse writes.

Moreover, adding to this wholly invented world are the inevitable ‘helpers’ who are sincerely trying to help those afflicted by trying to live this ideology as if it was true! The sex educators, the abortion promoters and providers, the pregnancy support centres, the battered women’s shelters, the fathers’ rights groups, the post-abortion healing programs. Ad infinitum.

Eugenics Inspired

None of this is spontaneous, of course. Not a bit. Rather, it’s all the result of an international sexual revolution, engineered by eugenics-inclined elites using the formidable powers of their various governments to contort, distort and pervert the world into a cartoon of its original self – nowadays in the name of feminism and/or environmentalism – in order to reduce the human population around the world. Which, in my view, is its true mission.

None of that antiquated biblical teaching for these people: That the Lord God made man and woman in His own image and likeness and then instructed them to go forth and multiply. None of the cumulative experience of thousands of years of life itself for them either. Which is why they must expend such constant effort to portray the world as it isn’t; and to try to hide all that the God-created world does so naturally by making it look like it is threatened by …. mankind! Such as a man taking a wife and creating a family into which children are born, nurtured and safely reared into adulthood when this reproductive cycle begins anew.

Which is what’s not happening these days in too many instances – so hazardous and dangerous has the very Life cycle been portrayed. This is also why no one should be the least surprised by the misery, the metastasizing mental illness, the addictions and the homelessness now abounding in this supposedly prosperous era where countless places look like war zones created by neglected people and the insidiously destructive ideologies that have harmed them so badly.

“The sexual revolutionaries have created a fantasy around their ideology and have attempted to accumulate sufficient power to reconstruct society around their ideas,” writes Morse.

But overriding nature is no small task. Which is why these revolutionaries have always needed plenty of help. The truth is that their ideas do not accord with reality. “Breaking the connection between babies in people’s minds requires government coercion, media propaganda, economic restructuring, and educational indoctrination (not to mention the pills, medical devices, sterilization surgeries, and abortions),” she adds.

Propaganda Driven

So does convincing the masses of ordinary people that biological connections are superfluous. Ditto for convincing women that working in an office is just as worthy an occupation as taking loving care of their own children.

“If you can make people believe Bruce Jenner, the 1976 male Olympic decathlon winner, is a woman, you can make them believe 2+2=5,” Morse concludes. “If you can make people afraid to say, ‘Bruce Jenner is a man,’ you can make them afraid to say anything.”

Yet amidst all this, and despite the fact that many Catholics practice contraception, Catholic teaching remains the lone answer, advises Morse, founder of the Ruth Institute, a global non-profit organization to end family breakdown by energizing the survivors of the Sexual Revolution.

“The Catholic narrative is daily being proven correct. The heartbreaking situations we see all around us are the direct result of NOT living according to the Church’s teaching. Thinking with the Church, embracing the Church’s teaching with enthusiasm is really the only possible way out of the problems we face.”

Which, she adds, is why it’s more important than ever that faithful Catholics take up the challenge of educating themselves, living the Church’s teaching, and sharing it with others. Nor can we wait for the clergy to put their houses in order.

Read this book!

Morse’s analysis is packed with a host of reasons for why this brilliantly insightful book belongs in every Catholic home and every Catholic library.