Silence on the March and Catholic Education

The twentieth-or-so- March for Life was overall a success, at the very least in the prayerful witness offered in the cause of the dignity of life. The route was re-routed by the phalanx of uber-weaponized police officers (who had much to-do about nothing really), due to a small-ish group of protestors, wearing masks and shouting slogans. The police also ensured that we did not march past the abortuary on Bank St., as has been the custom for the past nineteen years, I suppose due to the new Liberal ‘bubble zone’ law. No protesting abortion, nor saying much of anything at all, anywhere near the charnel houses, for the dark truth must remain hidden.

Of course, the twenty-thousand or more crowd (I have not read official numbers yet) might as well have been darkly hidden to the main stream media, who as usual by and large ignored the whole thing. One of the largest-ever assemblies on Parliament Hill, year by year, and they say nothing; for what could they possibly say without giving the game away, that untold numbers of Canadians truly believe in the humanity of the unborn child, so obvious not just to faith, but to science.

But as Stalin so presciently saw, tell a lie big enough, and it becomes truth; kill enough people, it becomes a statistic. And we are drowning in lies and statistics, as the blood of the unborn cries out to heaven for vengeance. Justice will be done, and we should pray we are on the right side when it is.

A final thought on the March: Is it just my imagination, or are there fewer school buses?

And while on school buses, this is the tail-end of Education Week, and I have seen posters and heard one glowing sermon praising our ‘Catholic schools’. Alas. The publicly-funded system is run by those who pay the bills, as are most things. Of course, the government ‘pays the bills’ with our own tax dollars, but they, the faceless bureaucrats tucked away in office buildings, still set the policies and the curricula, as well as hire the teachers, much of which, and many of whom, are not friendly to Catholicism, and produce not good fruit, to put things mildly.

Freedom requires that education be private, so that your money can follow your own conscience and beliefs. As it is, those who would like to educate their children in such a fully Catholic milieu have to pay double for this privilege, which is really their fundamental right, to freely choose what education is best, or at least one that won’t corrupt the future generation. The State’s task is to ensure that the concrete circumstances exist to make this freedom of choice realizable. The Church warns against a school monopoly, with one brand of education imposed upon all, which is more or less what we have.

With all their tax burdens, many parents, even with the best of intentions, simply cannot afford to choose an education outside the ‘system’ (and the reader is likely aware that most of the rich and ‘elite’ do not have their children educated in these halls of ignorance. Private school for them, all the way). So we amongst the unwashed hoi polloi have legions of badly-and-semi educated youth, wandering through the various elementary and high school grades as though in a fog, the blind leading the blind.

Fully-funded public education must be de-funded, and the funds distributed back to their rightful owners, the parents, to do with them as they see fit.

So fight for your freedom, and if I am to toast education this week, here’s to private schooling; long may it live.