The Rush of Being Catholic

    Okay, I’m going to do it. You’re probably all Pope-d out as there hasn’t been a moment’s break from all things “Pope” since Benedict said, “I’m done” and Francis said, “I’m good to go.” But I’m going to go for it anyways.

    Today I felt The Spirit, hovering and igniting the world just as He did two thousand years ago in a small room with some scared men.

    He was vibrant today—like Northern Lights vibrant—rushing through the waters of the Cardinals, giving them wisdom and faith in themselves and each other to elect the proper Pope for the proper time.

    He was alive—leaping in the hearts of every man, woman, and child as the Jesuit made his humble appearance onscreen. “How is it possible to love someone I didn’t know existed an hour ago?” my brother texted me. The Spirit of Wisdom and Truth, that’s how. The Great Animator coming down upon us like the dew fall, that’s how.

    He was present—palpable—in the moment when our new Captain bowed his head and asked for a blessing from his sons and daughters, and little children extended their hands to pray their child-prayers over their Papa.

    And the Spirit is electric within me now, as the words spill over well past my bedtime while all my house is asleep. My eyes are wide and my heart is full. I have no idea what the future will bring—as our Dear Father lived in silence for 76 years—but I look forward to getting to know him; why he chose the name Francis, how he writes, what are the issues close to his heart, how will he react, what he will do first.

    I know one thing though. For one day, the haters were drowned out by the prayers and cheers of a world full of joy. They’ll be back tomorrow in full force, with an armory full of skeletons, but for one day—one moment—everyone was Catholic. And that, my friends, is truly the work of the Spirit.