Excuses, Truth and Nothing But


Just after posting the announcement on the week-long showing of Unplanned in Canadian theatres, it was announced this morning that two of those theatres have cancelled due to ‘death threats’. One must wonder at who is doing the threatening, and why. You may recall the suspicious fire-bombing of Morgentaler’s abortion clinic, blamed on pro-lifers, but with strong evidence of being an inside-job, to gain sympathy.

The present case seems more desperate, as in, they – and I will leave that pronoun deliberately ambiguous, for this is a war of principalities and powers, between heaven and hell – really don’t want to have this film shown, and hence will come up with what excuses they might. And recall how Pope John Paul defined an excuse, as a ‘lie, guarded’. That has always haunted me, as it should haunt them.

And, as might be expected, Great Britain has foisted abortion on Northern Ireland, which is still officially Christian of a once-staunchly Protestant sort, if still with a lingering anti-Catholic bias. C.S. Lewis was from Northern Ireland, and this ingrained antipathy for ‘Romanism’ and ‘Papism’ prevented him from joining Tolkien in swimming across the Tiber to the fullness of truth. Perhaps this ruling will help them see that that truth resides fully in the Catholic Church, which, for all its present visible weaknesses, is still the Mystical Body of Christ, and the only institution with a completely ‘pro-life’ stance, from conception to natural death.

And while we’re at it, we should mention that the Church is also the only pillar left standing fully against the two primary causes for abortion outlined by Pope John Paul II in Evangelium Vitae, namely, the trivialization of sexuality (save sex only for lawful marriage) and the contraceptive mentality, that each marital act must fully signify the procreative and unitive dimensions). Only thus will we stop abortion, and the spread of this murderous contagion across the planet.

The Premiers of the provinces in Canada are meeting today, hopefully, as most of them are ‘Conservative’ – one must use that term cautiously – plotting the defeat of Trudeau in the fall. But, again, they must stand firm and united in what truth they can find in common, which includes, besides the obvious life issues alluded to above, pointing out the fallacy inherent in the whole ‘climate change’ boondoggle. But, alas, most of us are drunk on the spirit of the age, even if some more inebriated than others, and all too many full-face-down in the sauce, babbling incoherently. Just witness the Democrats south of the border. Unplanned? More like unhinged, methinks.