The New Lepers?

(I have an article coming out on the scientific method – how we develop ‘models’ to explain the universe, either in some small way – as, here, with Paula Adamick’s timely take on the vaccines. Or in a more universal way, our overall ‘worldview’. Eventually, the ‘models’ we develop must be tested against reality, as we gain more evidence. As this evidence comes in, Catholic Insight strives to ‘sentire cum ecclesia’ – to ‘think with the Church’ – which here means following the official Vatican line from the CDF, that one must be free to take or not take the vaccine, as with any medical decision, and make as informed and proportionate choice as possible and practical. Gather what evidence you are able, and trust. For different perspective or ‘model’ on the vaccines, sent out by a faithful Catholic physician, please see here. One way or the other, we should not be coerced into this, and as Ms. Adamick well points out, the level of coercion is itself a telling and troubling sign. Read on, and provide what comments and feedback you might. We are all – or should be – seeking the Truth. Editor)

The Jacobin-style demand for “your papers” is now official. Oregon has become the first American jurisdiction requiring proof of vaccination with a “passport’ allowing entry into shops, restaurants, businesses, workplaces and churches.

Never mind that Oregon’s statewide policy is already raising concerns for those who don’t want to wear masks or take the Covid-19 vaccine over concerns including safety, side effects, efficacy, mistrust in pharmaceutical companies and the lack of full FDA approval.

All those millions afflicted with ‘vaccine hesitancy’ could now be risking — like the lepers of the Old and New Testaments — being ostracized and shunned as `Unclean!’

Is it too pessimistic then to suppose that vaccine passport systems now looming across the West will produce new and unforeseen nightmares for the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike?

An Accidental Crisis?

To those watching this ‘crisis’ develop since January 2020, it’s been obvious that one way or another, ‘submission’ by a global populace was its direction all along. Single minded, highly organized, implacable and apparently intentional, every aspect of this Covid-19 pandemic suggests this ‘crisis’ has not been an unfortunate sequence of random occurrences conveniently resulting in the Great Reset we’re watching unfold day by day.

And despite the presentation of various scenarios as to how this pandemic actually began, it’s long been apparent the Covid-19 virus did not come haphazardly from a wet market in Wuhan, China. Rather, it’s always been far more probable the virus came from the most likely place of all a Level 4 virology lab located a mile or two from the wet market and involved in all sorts of Frankensteinian projects, including possible biowarfare weaponry.

Wuhan Virology Laboratory

As to whether the virus escaped accidentally, the truth may emerge at some point but, for now, it remains politically correct to ask no questions.

In the meantime, it’s apparent the Covid-19 virus has become the opportunistic vector for the massive rearrangement of the global, social and economic order currently underway. All concealed by a loud and lulling narrative broadcast 24/7 by a compliant media chirpily ignoring China’s role, while endorsing the latest lockdown as necessary and trumpeting vaccines as tickets to freedom.


You may have missed it, but there’s been lots of dissent as well over the ‘facts’ of this pandemic. Over the past sixteen months, countless medical professionals and scientists have been publicly questioning all aspects of the media’s official narrative concerning its proper handling, which has been directed from the outset by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and the WHO, the World Health Organization, which is widely understood to be subservient to the Chinese Communist government.

These critics have focused on many concerns but most particularly on the medical community’s promotion of highly experimental vaccines under emergency protocols and without FDA approval, while totally ignoring existing and highly effective medical treatments such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (and others). Which has meant endangering patients by making them wait for risky vaccines while refusing them existing therapeutics when they’re actually sick.


Vaccines Vaccines Vaccines

Who but the most naïve and gullible could fail to notice the single-minded, single-issue goal of this entire global pandemic? Vaccines, vaccines, vaccines. To be injected into the arms of as many individuals as possible. Under the authority of unelected medical officers of health around the world, few of whom have ever been asked publicly why internationally recognized therapeutics have been ignored from the beginning, in what now appears to be a monolithic medical policy designed to herd entire populations towards the one-size-fits-all ‘solution’ — the vaccination! Ignore the dark tales of vaccine-related deaths – of which the CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) has just acknowledged that between February and April 2021, more people died from the vaccine (of which there are four) than the total of vaccine-related deaths in the past century.

Which prompted University of Wisconsin critical care specialist, Dr. Pierre Kory, to call the Dr.Anthony Fauci-led U.S. government’s Covid-19 protocol of “near complete” lack of guidance and research on treatment options — “apart from vaccines” —“unconscionable.”

Children’s Health Defense chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. echoed Kory’s observation. “We’ve seen this very strange conflict … that many of those treatments that could save lives, instead of being promoted and investigated and studied by the health authorities, are instead being sabotaged and made … inaccessible.”


Lethal Results

The answer is not forthcoming but the results have been, in some cases, lethal. In a recent working paper analyzing the determinants of Covid-19 fatalities, the authors – Michigan State University economics professor Mark Skidmore and co-author Hideki Toya – estimated that “if the U.S. had made (hydroxychloroquine) widely available early on 80,000 to 100,000 lives could have been saved.”

Dr. Peter McCullough, vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center, reached similar conclusions last November when he told senators that the U.S. “could have saved half of the lives lost” (267,000 at that point and accounting for 20% of the global death toll) if Covid treatment protocols had not been squelched. And three months later, he revised his estimate upward, asserting that “as many as 85% of Covid deaths could have been prevented through early treatment (with known therapeutics).”

Not only were the consequences of this suppression of treatments not limited to the deaths that could have been averted, many individuals who took the vaccine may have decided differently had they known about and had access to the Covid treatments described by McCullough, Kory and so many other physicians.

Instead, 4,178 individuals have died following Covid vaccination as of May 3. And reports of injuries have been flooding in — highlighting serious side-effects such as blood clots (invariably reported as ‘rare’), heart inflammation, Guillain-Barre syndrome and neurological disorders. Most of which have been downplayed or ignored by the media.


And why was the law flouted that forbids the FDA from awarding Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to vaccines or other unapproved medical products — unless the FDA determines there are no adequate, approved or available alternatives? Instead, the availability of alternative treatment options rebutting the claim that vaccines were the only way forward was ignored, enabling the rollout of Astra Zenica, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson injections despite McCullough’s and Kory’s Senate testimony.

Suppression of Information?

If you’re asking why you’ve been unaware of much of the above, one answer is that the many opposing voices discrediting much of the media’s robotic Covid narrative and its tendency to conceal any information adverse to taking the vaccine – are being suppressed, cancelled, deleted, ignored, even fired. Such as British Columbia family doctor Charles Hoffe, recently suspended from the ER department of St. Bartholomew’s Health Centre by his local health authority “for the crime of causing ‘vaccine hesitancy.’ His offense was to speak out about his “vaccine injured patients” who had received the Moderna Covid-19 jab given to 900 mostly Indigenous people.

He wrote: “In short, in our small community of Lytton, BC, we have one person dead, and three people who look as though they will be permanently disabled, following their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The age of those affected ranges from 38 to 82 years of age.”

One by one, physicians like Dr. Hoffe are being dismissed for voicing their concerns. Or they’re being dismissed as ‘conspiracy theorists’ based on the popular assumption that any and all ‘conspiracies’ either do not exist or are based on a lie. By definition.

Again, tell that to Julius Caesar!

In the meantime, the media endorses the Covid-19 vaccine mindlessly as the only ‘prescription’ for an influenza virus with a mortality rate of less than one percent. And they’ve been following this drumbeat as if led by a North Star commanding utter uniformity and absolute obedience. All punctuated by a daily barrage of radio and TV ads paid for by taxpayers. And by the daily ‘case numbers’ which fail to itemize how many of the ‘cases’ are hospitalized and how many have tested positive but remain asymptomatic, creating an imprecise impression designed to confuse and instill fear.

Unnecessary, Ineffective, Unsafe

The underlying media message is that no dissent will be tolerated. Despite the contradictory information from ‘experts’ just as knowledgeable as local and federal MOH’s and most of which contradicts the official Covid narrative ordering ruthless lockdowns, masks even outdoors, social distancing and the bankrupting of businesses by closures for ‘safety’ reasons.

One of those dissenters is former Pfizer vice-president Michael Yeadon, co-founder of Doctors for Covid-19 Ethics. Yeadon’s group of 160 international medical experts has issued a public warning on the dangers of the vaccine which they call “unnecessary, ineffective and unsafe” and likely to lead to “foreseeable mass deaths.” The signatories include Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD, former chair of the Institute of Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany, and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former head of the health committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

The jabs, they state, “are not safe, either for recipients or for those who use them or authorize their use.” And they warn: “Contrary to claims that blood disorders post-vaccination are ‘rare’, many common vaccine side effects (headaches, nausea, vomiting and hematoma-like ‘rashes’ over the body) may indicate thrombosis and other severe abnormalities. Clotting events currently receiving media attention are likely just the ‘tip of a huge iceberg.’”

They also point out that the incidence of Covid-19 has actually risen in numerous areas with high vaccination rates: “Regardless of the exact mechanism responsible for these reported deaths, we must expect that the vaccines will increase rather than decrease lethality of Covid-19.”

And The Epoch Times confirmed their claims just days ago with a startling report to a U.S. Health Agency of more than 10,000 Covid-19 infections among people already fully vaccinated. According to the ET, 10,262 so-called breakthrough infections were reported to the CDC from 46 U.S. states and territories as of April 30. Breakthrough cases refer to cases appearing two or more weeks after a person’s final shot. Of those cases, approximately 10 percent required hospital care, and 160, or about 1.5 percent, died.

“A convergence of evidence indicates that early treatment with existing drugs reduces hospitalization and mortality by 85% and 75%, respectively,” Yeadon’s experts explained, highlighting “many tried and true anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anticoagulant medications, as well as monoclonal antibodies, zinc, and vitamins C and D.”

The doctors’ letter also debunked claims that vaccination is necessary to prevent viral spread through asymptomatic infection: “The risk-benefit calculus is clear, the experimental vaccines are needless, ineffective and dangerous.” Nor do the vaccines ‘protect others’, their letter concluded, offering a sobering warning to those pushing the jabs.

“Actors authorizing, coercing or administering experimental Covid-19 vaccination are exposing populations and patients to serious, unnecessary, and unjustified medical risks,” they advised. “Vaccine manufacturers have exempted themselves from legal liability for adverse events for a reason. When vaccine deaths and harms occur, liability will fall to those responsible for the vaccines’ authorization, administration and/or coercion via vaccine passports, none of which can be justified on a sober, evidence-based risk-benefit analysis.”

Re: Variants

Add to the above the probability that, in every country where mass vaccinations are being carried out, the jabs themselves appear to be causing new variants. According to French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier, “the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths.” He means the vaccines are also “creating the variants”, leading to more deaths from the disease: “The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants. It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger.”

The above mentioned experts are not alone in their worrying assessments. Their concerns and observations have been repeated again and again by equally alarmed physicians around the globe who’ve added their signatures to such serious documents as the Great Barrington Declaration of October 2020 which advocates an alternative approach to the pandemic involving “focused protection” of those at most risk while seeking to avoid the vast societal harm of lockdowns.

The Declaration calls for individuals at significantly lower risk of death from Covid — as well as those at higher risk who so wish — to be allowed to resume their normal lives, working normally at their usual workplaces rather than from home, socializing in bars and restaurants, and gathering at sporting and cultural events. The declaration claims that increased infection of those at lower risk would lead to a build-up of immunity in the population that would eventually also protect those at higher risk from the virus. The declaration makes no mention of masks, contact tracing or physical distancing.

Signed by over 14,000 scientists, 40,000 medical practitioners, and more than 780,000 members of the public, the declaration appears to have had no impact on public policy so far and to have sunk with almost no trace as Google, Twitter and Facebook continue their instant cancellations of dissenting experts, ensuring their messages never get aired.

Bill C-10

And more locally, shouldn’t Canadians be wondering why, if these experimental vaccines are so necessary, is the Canadian government ignoring the science on second doses when elderly people who have gotten their first dose of vaccine are supposed to get their second within the recommended 21 or 28 days, not 16 weeks? Is this down to the Liberals’ failure to procure sufficient vaccines? Or is this an inadvertent signal that the vaccines are a political tool and not serious medicine anyway?

And why the introduction of Bill C-10 at this crucial time? The bill, which would give the CRTC sweeping new powers (which have no comparison in other first world democracies), has been condemned by former CRTC vice-president Peter Menzies, who described the bill as an “assault” on internet freedom and democracy. It also appears to be designed to allow the Trudeau government un-constitutional powers to further control precisely the sort of information that now appears used to justify further draconian measures on a citizenry kept ignorant of information that would normally guarantee the health of their once free society.

What Lies Beneath

If past is prologue, then what has already happened during this pandemic should serve as a serious warning to Canadians who, until now, have trusted their governments. But would now do well to take note of what has been done to date resulting in the cancellation of all those knowledgeable voices and logical warnings which the government-subsidized media continues to ignore, thereby failing to protect the society in the ways their profession morally demands.

Some will argue that media’s near-monolithic narrative is needed to avoid confusion in the middle of a pandemic. As if there was never room for constructive insights and advice in a crisis. Coercive nonsense!

For those Canadians who’ve been watching the unfolding of this pandemic closely and digging beneath the breezy media narrative, most sense something more. Much more. Below the diseased surface the media presents, there appears the outlines of a grand plan being lowered systematically on a bewildered world like a seamless blanket smothering entire populations into brute conformity, all the while promising a return to the life they once knew … if only they take the jab, the ingredients of which, apart from rumours of aborted fetal tissue, almost no one seems to want to know about.

I mean, what’s in it that’s causing all the stealth and deception? Is anyone out there asking themselves what’s in the vaccine that makes it so important that it must be injected into every available arm? Or would the Truth send vaccine enthusiasts screaming in the opposite direction?

Meanwhile, the monotonous Covid narrative marches on with its daily message that the vaccines are working and all that’s needed now are fully compliant, fully-vaccinated populations. Then – and only then – will all be well.


Which brings us to the inevitable book end of this apparent man-made disaster. With millions of Americans – but only 5.1% of Canadians – now ‘fully’ vaccinated against Covid-19, an international debate is now raging over ‘vaccine passports’ (or vaxxports) that privilege those who have taken the jab. So far, proofs of immunization are taking the form of a smartphone app with a personalized QR code, said to make us “safer” while hastening a return to pre-pandemic normalcy.

So they say.

Of course, the effort is spearheaded by the usual suspects – Microsoft, Oracle, the Commons Project (a Rockefeller Foundation-funded non-profit that is part of the World Economic Forum), and other corporations committed to global vaccination certification. All claiming to follow an “equitable and privacy-preserving approach to verifiable data sharing.” Their project, known as the Vaccination Credential Initiative, is a coalition of more than 300 healthcare and technology groups working on the upcoming implementation of a SMART health card that stores vital medical data, including vaccination records. With all the risks you’d expect, from vulnerability to cyberattacks, data privacy breaches and even data manipulation.

Worst of all, vaxxports create a two-tiered society. Those who choose not to be vaccinated – for religious reasons or because the non-FDA approved vaccines are of dubious safety and efficacy – won’t be able to move about freely and lead normal lives, consigning themselves to leper-status.

Yellow Badges?

The bottom line is that North Americans are being told that – without proper testing – the vaccines are 85% to 94.1% effective. And that those who take the jab needn’t worry about infection from those who abstain. A claim without any scientific basis.

In addition, such reasoning divides and discriminates against individual rights, suggesting that Vaxxports could become North America’s 21st century version of Nazi yellow badges where the vaccine-hesitant may find themselves accused of blocking the thresholds for reopening. Some provinces, including Ontario, have even announced specific targets where hair salons and amusement parks can reopen when 70 percent of eligible adults are vaccinated with one dose and 20 percent with two. Yet the goalposts continue to shift on the threshold needed to achieve that elusive herd immunity.

Sixteen months after the first cases were seen outside China, it’s now all down to getting enough people vaccinated. Whether they like it or not.

As provinces such as Manitoba and Quebec hint that restaurants, concerts and other public venues might become off limits to the unvaccinated, a new subclass of the ritually unclean will be created.

Thereby will be established the pretext for restricting God-given freedoms and rights including livelihoods. And to do it in such a way as to engineer a social and economic crisis that, at this point in history, would make “The Great Reset” both inevitable and irreversible.

The Lord Watches

The Lord God knows all of this. And all we do not! In its absolute minutiae. He sees this international assault by His enemies against His natural and moral order to the point of its closing churches, thereby vastly reducing religious and public appeals for His help, mercy and forgiveness as well.

And He allows it.

And if it comes to pass that vaxxports that privilege those who have taken the jab actually morph into new versions of yellow badges of old, this will only happen because the Lord God allows, once again, the suffering that turns agonized hearts towards Him, His graces and His salvation.

Call this “the grand working out of things” – the rebalancing of the scales forced out of kilter by the ever mounting cost of humanity’s refusal and failing to uphold the Lord’s natural moral order in all things.

And be assured that eventually the ambitions of the God-deniers — who imagine they can run the world and manage this latest plague to their exclusive benefit — will fail. As it was with the French revolutionaries who fancied themselves heirs to an earlier New World Order, only to be brought low. To their very great surprise. And in ways they never considered.

T’were ever thus! What’s so confounding is that two thousand years after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ at Calvary for the salvation of the souls of mankind, this eternal and ultimate Truth continues to be rejected and ignored in yet another maelstrom of dark plots.

A final thought occurs as well. Is it possible, just possible, that if the current mass vaccination mania turns out to carry the potential for a global health disaster so many physicians have warned about — turning the lives of the vaccinated faithful upside down — who would be the new lepers then?

Just asking.


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Paula Adamick is founding editor of The Canada Post, the newspaper serving the Canadian expat community in the United Kingdom (about 200,000 of us) from 1997 to 2012. With a BA in English and Journalism and a UK Masters degree in International Journalism, Adamick has also served as arts correspondent for The Scotsman and as a frequent contributor to The Evening Standard, and The Daily Mail (all UK) as well as to Canadian publications such as Challenge and Catholic Insight.