Is That the Sound of Crunchy Crickets?


As the title of this thread has it, they’re starting to slip the bugs in. No, no, not computer bugs, which have been around for decades, but real bugs, with antennae and thoraxes with weird-coloured blood. Intriguing how they call it cricket flour, as they’re so ground up, you can hardly tell you’re eating insects. Recall that on ingredient lists, they go from what is most constitutive, to the least. There is something called ‘natural cheddar cheese flavored powder’, whatever the deuce that is, but less of it than ‘organic cricket flour’. (As someone says in the comments, is there such a thing as inorganic crickets?) In other words, these are more ‘Cricket Puffs’ than ‘Cheddar Cheese Puffs’, but that might not sell so well.

The further caveat: People who are allergic to shellfish may also be allergic to crickets. Oh. I see. Who isn’t allergic to eating crickets?


The reasons behind this are also intriguing. Economic? Philosophical? Moral? Pragmatic? Just so they – yeah, the Trudeau, Gates, Schwaub and WEF club – can laugh, while they down filet mignon with a fine glass of Bordeaux as they jet to their next confab in the Alps? One way or the other, it seems, the plan is to ensure sooner rather than later that most of food the products from which we gain protein – those ten necessary exogenous amino acids to maintain and build up our own bodies – will be from critters we normally wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole, never mind munch.

If you have the space in your apartment or rec room, you might want to buy a cow, but keep it secret. You never know when they’ll have livestock police out and about. Moo patrol.

Fight for your carnivorous rights, dear reader. As God said to Noah, Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you and, more succinctly to Saint Peter: Kill and eat. Yeah, sure, that might include crickets in a pinch, as in, locked in solitary confinement in a North Korean prison cell, but otherwise, well, fire up the barbeque.