Ten New Saints

Pope Francis canonized ten members of Christ’s Mystical Body last Sunday, including the dissolute French officer who turned his life 180 degrees, becoming an ascetic hermit in the desert of North Africa, Charles de Foucauld, and the Carmelite, philosophy professor and journalist, Titus Brandmsa. We may hope meet them all, someday.

This, while the world slides towards demonic madness, happening the same way Hemingway wrote of one of his characters going bankrupt: First, gradually, then suddenly. The slow and easy approach has brought people to accept rank absurdities – drag queen story hour? – as though they had always been true, and we, the woke generation, just discovered them.

We may take solace that as the darkness swirls around us, the light and truth shine out all the more brightly. Gaudete et sperate in Domino, in Virgo Maria, et in omnibus sanctoribus.