Sunday Musical Offering: The Time for Flowers, and Mozart’s 36th Masterpiece

A friend just sent along this poignant ballad, and as I wrote in reply, in gist, that I enjoy pretty much anything with a finger-picked guitar and a fiddle. The melody and the lyrics speak to the heart, even if we might make them more theologically precise, that we should never despair – for supernatural hope always abounds, even in stygian natural darkness. We are on a pilgrimage to heaven, where the songs never end. Gaudeamus et exultemus in Domino! +

And to keep to our classical tradition, yesterday was the 240th anniversary of Mozart’s Symphony #36, premiered on November 4th, 1783. Mozart wrote the piece in four days (!), since the local count had announced a new performance by the composer, without, apparently, telling the composer 🙂 So here it be, in all its glory, in a 2021 performance: